30 January 2014

Indie Haul.

Hi everyone. How are you all? I've had another busy day today, so I am glad to be home.

I was feeling a bit down a few weeks ago, so I decided to go on a nail polish shopping spree and treat myself to some new indies that I had been eyeing up since that is the best kind of therapy. I figured instead of them sitting untried in my helmer (which happens way too often), I decided I would swatch them all and show you guys. They are very pretty after all. 

This post will be very picture heavy, so read on after the jump.

First up is Luv Polish - Stone Love.

Stone Love is a taupe crelly base with black and gold hexes, this photo shows two coats. As you can see it is a bit sheer, so you get a bit of visible nail line (although this looks more noticeable in my photos than in real life) but I didn't really mind this. If it bothers you, you could easily layer it over a similar colour. The formula was good and I got an even distribution of glitter. I am definitely impressed with this brand and will be trying more from them in the future.

Next we have Belle Glamour - Blood Stain.

Blood Stain is a reddy-pink colour, this photo shows 3 coats with topcoat. The formula was good on this, a lot thinner than the polishes I have tried in the past from Belle Glamour. It was a bit sheer on the first coat but was fine by the third coat. The only issue I did have with this one is that it dried a bit bumpy on its own (shown in the photo below), but this was easily sorted with topcoat.

Next we have Belle Glamour - Apple Pie.

Apple Pie is a neon green jelly base with different sized green hexes. This photo shows 2 coats, its quite sheer so it may be better layered. It was very glitter dense, I didn't need to fish for glitters at all. I did do a bit of placement of glitters on the nail, but I think the final outcome is definitely worth it. I think this one will be awesome for halloween, it reminds me of slime!

Up next is Fat Puss Polish - Queen.

I don't even know where to start describing this one.. but I shall try. Queen is a goldy/bronze base with a beautiful duochrome effect. It mostly flashes green but occasionally flashes a pink/peach colour too. To top it off it is filled with a multitude of different coloured glitters. This one is amazing, so unique! My photos show 3 coats, it is sheer but builds well. This was easy to apply, but I did have to place a few glitters. I think Jess (the owner of Fat Puss Polish) hit it out the park with this one. 

I got a few from WRK Nails, first up of these is WRK Nails - Nebula.

Nebula is a plum toned purple polish with a shimmery finish. This photo shows two coats, it was pretty opaque. The formula was smooth and very easy to apply. I had no issues with this one at all, really gorgeous!

Up next we have WRK Nails - Jingle Bell Rock.

Jingle Bell Rock is a glitter topper with a clear base with purple, pink, blue, silver and green hexes and silver bar glitter. I used one coat over Maybelline - Lilac Charm. The formula was good, no fishing for glitters was needed. I did have to move the glitters around once on the nail however as they did clump together a little bit. I think this is a really lovely topper, I love the combination of glitters.

Next is WRK Nails - Ba Bling.

Ba Bling is another glitter topper with a clear base. This one contains pink, purple, blue and silver hexes and pink bar glitter. This is one coat over Leighton Denny - Blue Lagoon. The formula was very similar to Jingle Bell Rock, so no complaints there. The brush in my bottle was slightly bent, which made application a bit harder but that was due to the brush - not the polish. Another lovely glitter combo.

Our final glitter topper is WRK Nails - Bang.

Bang is another glitter with a clear base. It contains black, light blue and dark blue hexes and blue, green and silver bar glitter. My photos show 2 coats over Rimmel - Little Bo Peep. This one wasn't as glitter dense as the other two toppers, hence the two coats. However it was still easy to apply, no fishing was necessary - just a little bit of glitter placement. This one is totally different from anything else I own.

And my final purchase was Cirque - Arcane Fire.

Arcane Fire is a deep burgundy red base with golden micro glitter. This photo shows two coats. The formula was good, perhaps a tiny bit runny but that is being very picky. It did dry a bit flat so I used topcoat for my swatches which really brings it to life. I had been lusting over this polish for a while before purchasing it, and it didn't disappoint. I am in love!

 I am very pleased with all my purchases and I am glad I have actually used all of them!

Let me know if you like this kind of post, as I could do this again for future hauls.. but I don't want to bore you all. I did also get myself a back up bottle of Belle Glamour - Dino Rawr which I have swatched previously here.

I think my favourite has to be Arcane Fire, closely followed by Nebula and Queen. Which one do you like best?

Thanks for looking.


  1. I just fell in love with Nebula and Arcane Fire! I like seeing indie hauls :)

    1. Yes they are rather gorgeous aren't they :). Awesome, that gives me an excuse to buy more then! (not that I needed an excuse)


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