7 April 2015

Freckles Polish Swatches and Review (plus my very own collaboration polish!)

Provided for review*

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I must apologise for being such a terrible blogger, life has completely got on top of me and I have barely had the time or energy to even do my nails recently.

However I did receive four lovely polishes for review from Freckles Polish, including my very own collaboration polish which I am very excited about - so I just had to blog about them. I have two polishes from The Collaboration Collection (including my own) and two polishes from The Birthday Party Collection to show you, which are celebrating one wonderful year of Freckles Polish!

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20 February 2015

52 Week Challenge: Geometric & Blue, Yellow & Green (Plus a Born Pretty Store Review).

Provided for review*

Hello loves! How are we all? 

I've managed to get together something for this week's 52 Week Challenge today, and I've combined it with a review for plate BP-L004 from Born Pretty Store. The themes this week are geometric and blue, yellow and green. I knew immediately when I saw this plate that I would be using it for this, as it has some lovely geometric images. I decided to leave out the yellow and green in the end and just went for a blue manicure. 

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16 February 2015

Pick A Polish: China Glaze - Mimosas Before Manis

Hello loves. So I've been a very bad blogger lately! I apologise for being so absent, I've had a lot going on at home and my nails have taken a bit of a back seat. I'm hoping to slowly ease myself back into things, but I'm not going to pressure myself to post too much at the moment. 

Anyway, I have managed to put together a Pick A Polish for you today and this week I will be showing you China Glaze - Mimosas Before Manis. I've had this polish since it was first released, but I haven't had a whole lot of use out of it to be honest. It is lovely though so I was glad to give it another go. 

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31 January 2015

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge: Fishbraid/Non Glitter Topper

Hello lovely ladies. It's the weekend!!! I'm off out with the girls tonight which I am looking forward to :). 

I'm a bit late with this week's 52 Week Challenge, I usually post them on a Tuesday but I'm just sneaking it in before the deadline! I have to admit I struggled with this theme, I did three different manicures before I had one I was happy with - hence why I'm a bit late. In the end though, I was very happy with the outcome. 

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29 January 2015

A2Z - L is for Lines

Hello everyone. How is your week going? 

For this week's A2Z we're on L which is for lines. I was looking forward to this theme... mainly because it's easy. There are so many things you can do with lines!

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26 January 2015

Pick A Polish: ILNP - Electric Carnival

Hello loves. How is everyone?

For today's blog post I have this week's Pick A Polish to show you, featuring one of my newest additions to my stash, which I was very excited to try! The polish in question is ILNP - Electric Carnival which is one of their new ultra chrome flakies. 

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24 January 2015

Freckles Polish New Releases - Swatches & Review

Provided for review*

Hello lovely people! I hope you all have wonderful weekend's planned. I'm off out with the girls tonight which I am looking forward to!

Today I have some exciting new polishes from Freckles Polish to show you. Freckles Polish has to be one of my all time favourite indie brands - I don't think I've ever been disappointed with a polish by this brand - so I nearly peed with excitement when I was asked if I would like to swatch some of their new releases (a nice image, I know). There will be two brand spanking new collections released on 30th January and I have two polishes from each, plus a matte topcoat to show you. 

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22 January 2015

A2Z: K is for Kitschy.

Hi everyone. It's nearly Friday! I am quite looking forward to my weekend now :). 

This week for A2Z we had a choice between 'kitchen sink' and 'kitschy'... I decided to go for kitschy on this one. I'm not 100% sure I've quite got kitschy down to a tee, but I tried! 

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20 January 2015

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge: Fire/Three Shades of Green or Yellow

Hello lovelies. How is everyone?

This week for the 52 Week Challenge the themes are fire and three shades of green/yellow. I skipped the green part this week, but I've managed to incorporate the fire and I've used three different yellows.

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19 January 2015

Pick A Polish: Zoya - Margo

Hello loves. Happy Monday!

This week for Pick A Polish I'll be showing you Zoya - Margo. This is a fairly recent addition to my stash, and I have used it a few times since I've bought it. It is a lovely autumn/winter colour so I'm going to make the most of it before before spring. 

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17 January 2015

A2Z - J is for Jewel

Hello loves. Sorry I have been a bit absent this week - I've had a lot going on at home lately and my nails/blog have been the last thing on my mind quite honestly. 

I did however manage to get this week's A2Z manicure done - even if it is a couple of days late. This week we're on J which is for jewel. I was torn between doing a manicure using jewel toned colours, or just covering my nails in rhinestones (since they're close enough to jewels right?!). In the end I settled on the rhinestone option, as I felt like something a bit over the top!

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13 January 2015

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge: Film & Holo

Hello loves. How are we all? 

This week for the 52 Week Challenge the themes are film and holo. This is the first week in this challenge that I haven't combined both of the themes... I have to be quite honest I don't watch that many films so I always struggle when film themes come up in challenges. But the beauty of this challenge is that it is flexible, so I just went for the holo side of things. 

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12 January 2015

Pick A Polish: Models Own - Ibiza Mix

Hello loves. Happy Monday! Sorry I haven't posted for a few days - life got in the way! 

For Pick A Polish this week I'll be showing you Models Own - Ibiza Mix. This was one of my first ever glitters, which I bought when I was first starting to get into nails. So this one has had a fair bit of use in the past, but has been neglected recently... until today!

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8 January 2015

A2Z - Inspired

Hello lovelies. 

I'm back with this week's A2Z today, the theme this time is inspired. I chose to take inspiration from another nail artist and I copied this design by @la_paillette_frondeuse on instagram. 

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6 January 2015

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge: Pink, Aqua & Dotting Tools.

Hello my loves. How are we all? I've had a bit of an odd day today, the electricity went off at work so I got sent home early - so not very productive!

I've got this week's 52 Week Challenge post for you today, this week the themes are pink, aqua and dotting tools. This one was fairly straight forward... a pink and aqua dotticure. 

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5 January 2015

Pick A Polish: Tara's Talons - Cherry Blossom

Hello lovelies. How are you all? It was back to work for me today, but to be quite honest I was a bit bored of sitting at home!

Monday means Pick A Polish and this week I will be showing you Tara's Talons - Cherry Blossom. I got this from one of Tara's spring collections last year and I have used it a few times since, which is quite rare for me!

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3 January 2015

MoYou Nails Review - Plate 115

Provided for review*
Hi everyone. Happy Saturday! 

I have my final review for MoYou Nails to show you today. It feel's like I've been reviewing these plates forever haha - but I have really enjoyed trying them all. I would definitely vouch for the quality of their plates, I haven't really had many issues with them. So the final plate I have to show you is plate 115 and to be quite honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to use this. Hence why I left it to last! However once I got going, I really liked it.

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1 January 2015

2014 Round Up - My Favourites

Hello everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I had a lovely time with friends celebrating the new year last night, but I am starting 2015 feeling rather worse for wear haha! 

As promised I have a round up of my personal favourite posts from 2014 (I did my most popular posts yesterday which you can see here). At first I was going to show you five, then it grew to ten... and it ended up at thirteen because I am so bloody indecisive! But a few extra pictures of nails never hurt anyone right?!

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