31 May 2014

MoYou Nails Review

Provided for review*

Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all having a nice weekend so far. I am currently waiting for the postman to bring me some nail mail!

I have some lovely stamping goodies from MoYou Nails to show you today. Now I am a newbie when it comes to stamping, I've read a lot about it but I have only tried it a handful of times so I was excited to give it another try. I figured that if a beginner like me can create a nice manicure using these products then anyone can! I was sent two image plates, a stamper, a scraper and a polish. 

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30 May 2014

piCture pOlish - Lizzie Nail Art

Hello loves. It's FRIDAYY! I hope you all have lovely weekend's ahead of you.

Today I have one of my latest purchases to show you. I recently snapped up a bottle of piCture pOlish - Lizzie from the Sally Magpie's sale, so naturally I had to use it as soon as I got it!

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29 May 2014

Born Pretty Store - Floral Nail Wraps Review

Provided for review*
Hello lovelies. It's nearly Friday, woo!

Today I have some floral nail wraps from Born Pretty Store to show you. This is my first experience with nail wraps, I normally find creating my own designs quite rewarding so have never really been drawn to them before. But when given the opportunity to review them I figured I should try something new and give them a go. 

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27 May 2014

May Tri Polish Challenge: Purple, Red and Green

Hi everyone. I hope everyone has had a lovely Tuesday. I came home from work early and spent my afternoon asleep on the sofa.. damn migraine! But I am feeling a bit better now after my nap.

I have the final post for May's Tri Polish Challenge to show you today.. I have to say I am glad this month is finished, these colours just aren't my thing. However, I have this week FINALLY come up with a design that I was happy with, I got there in the end lol.

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26 May 2014

Pick A Polish: La Femme Beauty - Cosmos

Hi loves. I hope you have all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend. I spent the day out at Thorpe Park yesterday but the rest of the weekend I have spent relaxing which has been lovely :).

Today I have another Pick A Polish post for you, this week I shall be showing you La Femme Beauty - Cosmos. I was given this polish by a friend for my birthday last year, but this is the first time I have got round to using it. Another untried off the never ending list :).

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24 May 2014

Moyra Suede Polishes & Nail Art

Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far. My has consisted of painting my nails and fiddling around with my camera so far... I lead such an exciting life!

I recently purchased a few polishes from Moyra which has just launched in the UK. They seem to be a really affordable brand with a great range of polishes so I couldn't wait to give some a try. Today I will be showing you two suede polishes that I got, along with some nail art.

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23 May 2014

Born Pretty Store - Hexagonal Studs Review

Provided for review*

Hello everyone. It's Friday! I am soo glad it's the weekend, and a three day weekend at that :).

Today I have my first ever review for Born Pretty Store to show you. If you are not already familiar with Born Pretty Store it is an online store full of lots of nail art goodies at bargain prices (they also do lots of other products but the nail art stuff is what I use them for). I have two items to show you, the first of which are some lovely 3 mm hexagonal studs which I will be showing you today (my other review is to follow next week).

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22 May 2014

Watercolour Flowers & Tutorial.

Hello girlies. I am looking forward to the weekend now, we are nearly there!

I have a lovely floral design which was inspired by this manicure by sabzmasih on instagram to show you today. This was one of these designs that I saw and then put on my nails as soon as I could, it's just so pretty! I've also done a tutorial to show you how I did these. 

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21 May 2014

Guest Post @ Nail Parade.

Hello loves.

I'm guest posting over at Nail Parade today whilst the lovely Rachel prepares for her exams. Head on over here to see my post and make sure you check out Rachel's lovely blog in the mean time :).

Speak to you all soon. 

20 May 2014

May Tri Polish Challenge: Purple, Red and Green.

Hi loves. I hope you're all having a good day. 

I have the third Tri Polish Challenge post for this month to show you today. I'm very glad we only have one more week of these colours to go.. I'm still not loving them I'm afraid!

To see what I came up with read on below.

19 May 2014

Pick A Polish: An Unnamed Color Club!

Hello lovelies. I hope you are all well. I am a bit burnt after over indulging in the sun this weekend :).

Today I shall be showing you this week's Pick A Polish manicure. This week it was a pink Unnamed Color Club which was chosen. I got this in a french manicure set a while ago and it's sat in my helmer since then.. I'm not really much of a french manicure person.

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17 May 2014

Matte Dotticure

Hello my lacquered loves! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. 

I have more matte nails today, I seem to be on a bit of a matte kick lately.. which is weird because I don't usually like it that much! I really loved using OPI - Love.Angel.Music.Baby in my turquoise stone so I wanted to use it again, so that is what I have to show you today.

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16 May 2014

Matte Flakie Yumminess with Color Club - The Uptown

Hi everyone. Happy Friday! I am very glad it's the weekend, I have been struggling with my early mornings this week!

I recently snapped up a bottle of Color Club - The Uptown from a Facebook sale group as I have wanted that polish since it was first released. I don't own many flakie polishes so I was very excited to play with this when it arrived. I saw a picture of someone on instagram (for the life of me I cannot remember who it was) who had mattified their flakies which just blew me away.. so I got my matte topcoat straight out and got to work :).

Isn't it a beauty?! Read on after the jump for more.

15 May 2014

Turquoise Studs

Hi girlies. The sun is out today! It's crazy how a little bit of sunshine can change my mood completely :).

Today I have a manicure using some really pretty studs I bought recently from Born Pretty Store. I really love the look of turquoise stones so when I saw these online I snapped them up straight away and used them as soon as I received them.

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13 May 2014

May Tri Polish Challenge - Purple, Red and Green.

Hello beauties. I didn't sleep very well last night so I'm still feeling tired, I'm glad to be home with my feet up :).

So it's time for the Tri Polish Challenge which means I had to force myself to use these three dreaded colours which I'm not loving this month. I'm determined to still post something every week though. I have to admit though I do prefer this week's look to last week's.

To see what I came up with read on after the jump.

12 May 2014

Pick A Polish: A England - Saint George

Hi lovelies. Happy Monday. I am feeling a bit spaced out at the moment, an early night for me I think!

Today I am going to show you one of my all time favourite polishes; A England - Saint George. This was one of the first polishes I purchased from A England and it was what made me fall in love with this brand. As you can tell I was happy when this polish was chosen this week!

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10 May 2014

Tara's Talons Swatches

Hi my loves. Happy Saturday! My foot isn't as good as it was yesterday so I am going to spend this weekend at home resting :( I reckon a lot of nail painting will be involved.

Today I have some recent purchases of mine from Tara's Talons. Tara's Talons is one of the more established UK indie brands, but this is the first I have tried from this brand. But I am glad I finally got round to trying some. 

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9 May 2014

My Very First Watermarble

Hello lovelies. It's FRIDAAAY! And my foot is starting to feel better so I am in a good mood this afternoon. I don't usually post on a Friday but I have so much to show you at the moment that I decided to post this today :).

I have something very exciting to show you today, something that I am immensely proud of.. I DID A WATER MARBLE!! Now if you have been following this blog for a while you may have noticed I have never posted anything about water marbling at all, this is because every time I have tried it previously it has ended in either tears or tantrums (or a combination of the two). However this time I had a little help in the form of an amazing book written by fellow blogger and nail art addict Tracey, which I will go into more detail about shortly.

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8 May 2014

Glitter Gradient Tutorial.

Hello lovely lacquer-heads! I hope you are all well. I'm still having foot troubles so I've been off work today to try and rest it, it still doesn't seem to be getting much better though :(.

I have my first ever tutorial to show you today.. I have been meaning to do a tutorial for ages and I have finally gotten around to it. I recently did a quick glitter gradient for a night out, and I posted a quick snap of it on a Facebook group the next day and initially I didn't plan to blog about it. However people seemed to really like it and a couple of people asked me how I did it so I decided why not get my bum in gear and do a tutorial for it :).

To see my tutorial read on after the jump.

6 May 2014

May Tri Polish Challenge: Red, Purple and Green

Hi loves. I'm feeling very tired at the moment I have had a very long day, I've been up since half 4 this morning. I need a nap lol.

Anyway, the beginning of a new month means new colours for the Tri Polish Challenge, this month they are red, purple and green. I have to say I'm not overly inspired by the colours this month, they kind of remind me of christmas. But I shall try my best to come up with some interesting designs to show you.

To see what I came up with read on after the jump.

5 May 2014

Pick A Polish: Models Own - Duck

Hello my lovelies. I hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday Monday. I am currently stuck at home with my bad foot, I can't drive or walk very well so I am missing out on the sun :( but on the upside I am getting lots of blog related things done. 

I have more Models Own to show you today in form of a Pick A Polish post. I have liked their last couple of collections that they've released. The polish I shall be showing you today is Models Own - Duck

To see this lovely polish read on after the jump.

3 May 2014

My Picks From Delush Polish Spring Awakening Collection.

Good morning ladies. Happy Saturday! I hope you all have wonderful plans for this three day weekend :). My foot is still swollen so I am trying to rest it up as I want to go out tonight :(.

Since trying Delush Polish for the first time a couple of months ago I have been itching to try more, I was so impressed with them last time! I decided to wait and see what spring offerings were brought out this year and I snapped a couple up as soon as the Spring Awakening collection was released :). So I shall be showing you my picks today.

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1 May 2014

Models Own Polish For Tans Swatches and Nail Art.

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well, one more day until the weekend! I have hurt my foot so I've been hobbling around all day, I'm looking forward to having the weekend off to rest it!

I have to be honest, I am not usually overwhelmed by Models Own collections. However when I saw their Polish For Tans collection I thought it looked awesome! So I snapped four of them up (I skipped the yellow because I'm not a neon yellow kinda gal) which I will be showing you today, along with some nail art. 

To see these lovely polishes click below.