22 January 2014

Liebster Award!

Hello loves. I hope you are all well.

No nail art today, instead I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Emma of Saucy Nails. I was so flattered that Emma tagged me, I love these kind of posts. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with this award when you are tagged you have to answer the questions the tagger has set for yourself, nominate some bloggers of your choice (preferably with under 200 followers) and set them some questions to answer. The idea of this is to increase traffic to your blog and let your readers get to know you a bit better. 

So if you wish to read on please click below..

 1. What inspired you to start your blog?
I had been following other blogs and doing nail art for a while before I started my blog. I first got into nail art after I came across a nail art blog on the internet (I believe it may have been The Nailasaurus). I decided to start my own as I wanted to join in on the fun in the nail art community and share my designs with others.

2. When did your love for nail polish/nail art begin?
I have always enjoyed having my nails painted, even as a child. But I really started getting into nail art and nail polish in the summer of 2012 and the obsession has grown since.

3. Do you practice your talent on anyone (family/friends etc)?
I do occasionally do my friends and families nails, but mostly I do my designs on myself.

4. What is your blogs goal or is it just for fun?
I don't have a particular goal in mind, I mainly just do it for fun but would love for my blog to grow in the future :).

5. Who was the first person (blog) you followed?
I can't remember exactly.. I think it may have been The Nailasaurus but I can't say that for definite (if she wasn't the first person I followed she was one of the first).

6. What is your go to polish? And why is that your first pick?
This is such a hard question! I very rarely wear just one polish as a full manicure and if I do I very rarely wear the same one twice. I think the colour I use the most is white in my nail art, I have been using Color Club - White a lot lately but I also like Barry M - Matt White.

7. Do you have multiple polishes of a single colour (so you never run out)? If so what it is?
Apart from whites and blacks I don't generally buy multiples of the same polish, I have too many to actually use them up! However I did buy a back up of Belle Glamour - Dino Rawr recently as I loved it when I swatched it and I didn't think my mini bottle would last me long enough.

8. If you had the chance to create a polish what would be the shade and name for it?
This is another hard one. I think it would have to be a shimmery turquoise since I have a thing for that colour. I am rubbish at names but possibly something like ocean.

9. What does your spouse/family/friends think of your addiction?
Most of my friends/family/boyfriend don't seem to mind it, most of them like seeing what I have on my nails each day. My mum seems to think I am wasting my money and time on nail polish, but as I tell her there are much worse things I could be doing instead of painting my nails :).

10. What do you prefer, stamping or freehand and why?
I much prefer freehand, I personally find I am much better at freehand and can get good results with it. However I haven't ever really done much stamping so it may just be a case of needing to practise it more.

11. What nail technique would you say you have mastered since starting your blog?
I would say freehand.. most of my nail art is done freehand now. If you look back just a few months you can see that I have improved quite a bit in my freehand. But there is definitely still room for more improvement!

The bloggers I nominate are..

Charlie @ Popping Nails
Ellie @ Moustache Manis
Sarah @ My Mint Nails
Galorious (I totally couldn't find your name on your blog lol)
Petra @ Blingfinger

And here are your 11 questions..

1. What made you first start your blog?
2. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
3. If you could only use 3 nail polishes for the rest of your life which 3 would you choose?
4. Do you have any other hobbies apart from blogging?
5. What is your favourite blog to read?
6. Of all the nail designs you have done, which is your absolute favourite?
7. What is your favourite nail polish colour (the colour in general, not a specific polish)?
8. Where would you like your blog to be in a years time? Do you have ambitions for it or do you just do it for fun?
9. What is your go to nail art technique when you want something quick?
10. Name one nail care item that you could not live without.
11. Who is your blogging idol?

Thanks for reading guys :).


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