30 August 2014

Born Pretty Store Review: Concept Eyes - Star Green Polish

Provided for review*

Hi guys. Happy Saturday! I've been trying to get myself a bit more organised for my holiday today, I don't feel very prepared at all at the moment!

I have another Born Pretty Store review for you today, this time for a polish. The polish I went for was a bright teal/green polish which you can find here (no.3 on the site). This is the first polish I have tried from Born Pretty Store so I was intrigued to see if it was any good, especially since it's so cheap. I also did some nail art, because I can't just leave a polish alone :P.

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29 August 2014

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Inspired by Music

Hi guys. How are you all? I am glad it's the weekend (I think I say this every Friday).

The theme for Fingerfood's Theme Buffet this week is music.. and I have gone for the most loose interpretation on the theme possible haha! I browsed Youtube looking at lots of different music videos until something in one of them inspired me, a lot of music videos are very boring nowadays lol. Eventually I came across the video for Sing by Ed Sheeran and I liked the blue stripey pattern that is in the background at times so I went with that for my manicure (I told you it was a loose interpretation!).

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28 August 2014

Sheer Tint Chevrons

Hi lovelies. It's nearly Friday! Plus I go on holiday in a week today so I am starting to get excited.

I've finally picked up the OPI Sheer Tints, I had been trying to decide whether I needed them for ages - but I saw them going pretty cheap on a Facebook group so I thought why not! Obviously I needed to use them, even though I may be jumping on the band wagon a few months late. I came across this design by @lemmingspolish on instagram and decided to give that a go. 

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26 August 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Black Floral Water Decals.

Provided for review*

Hello everyone. I hope you've had a nice day. I didn't really want to go back to work today, but it wasn't so bad once I got there, plus it's only a four day week :).

I have another review for Born Pretty Store today, this time it's these black floral water decals I will be showing you. I fell in love with the middle design on the photo on the Born Pretty Store website created using these, that was the reason I chose these decals to review. I haven't quite managed to recreate that design exactly, I went for a simplified twist instead. 

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25 August 2014

Pick A Polish: Models Own - Coral Glaze

Hi loves. I hope you've all had lovely Mondays. I have felt a bit under the weather today, so I am glad it's a bank holiday so I can hibernate in my flat. The weather is rubbish here so I'm not missing much outside!

For Pick A Polish this week I shall be showing you Models Own - Coral Glaze. This was released earlier in the year as part of Models Own's Hypergel line which are designed to be gel effect polishes (much like the Gelly's from Barry M). I've used this colour in nail art before but I haven't used it on it's own yet, so I was excited to give this a go.

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23 August 2014

Monthly Charity Nail Art Challenge - Human Rights

Hello everyone. Woohoo it's Saturday! I hope you all have nice things planned. I am having a blog day (again haha), but I still have two more days off after this anyway :).

Recently I came across this Monthly Charity Nail Art Challenge run by Sassy Little Nails in a Facebook group, which I thought was a really great idea to raise awareness for different charities. It's only one post a month so it should be pretty easy for me to keep up with too. This month the theme is human rights, which is a pretty current topic right now with all the conflict going on all over the world. The charity I went for was Unicef which is a children's charity, as I think children are often the most innocent victims of all this conflict - I can't even imagine what it's like growing up in a war zone so the work Unicef does is definitely very important.

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22 August 2014

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Science/Technology.

Hi everyone. An early post from me today, I have finished work already and I'm off out for the rest of the day with my family so I thought I'd post this now while I have a chance. 

This week's theme for Fingerfood's Theme Buffet is Science/Technology, and I have to admit this theme stumped me somewhat. All I could think of was galaxy nails because space is like science right?! haha ;). So instead I went to my boyfriend who is a bit of a geek and likes science-y, tech-y things and he suggested DNA structure. After googling pictures of it I decided it was a pretty good idea so that is what I went with.

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21 August 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Stamping Plate M89

Provided for review*

Hi loves. How are we all? I only have half a day left at work tomorrow before a 3 and a half day weekend so I'm looking forward to that. 

I have another stamping plate to show you today from Born Pretty Store. The plate in question is M89 which has a mixture of different style full nail designs and some teeny little flowers. This one has a great variety of designs. I was excited to have another go at stamping as I'm actually starting to enjoy the process now.

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19 August 2014

Freckles Polish Swatches.

Hello beautiful people! 

Recently I purchased some polishes from Freckles Polish which I have to show you today. But it turns out I was Julieann's (the owner and creator of Freckles Polish) 100th customer so I got a bunch of cool prizes too, including another polish which I'll be showing you today as well. These are beautiful so you definitely don't want to miss them. 

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18 August 2014

Pick A Polish: Fat Puss Polish - Mr Tabby

Hello everyone. I hope your Monday hasn't been too taxing! Mine has been okay, but I got stuck in traffic for an hour after work today, boo! :(

Since it's Monday I have another Pick A Polish post for you. Today I will be showing you Fat Puss Polish - Mr Tabby. Fat Puss Polish was a UK indie brand but it's no longer trading (as is the case with lots of awesome UK indies) which is a big shame, as I loved everything I tried from the brand. I shall just have to savour the few Fat Puss Polishes that I do own!

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17 August 2014

Green Nails for Depression #fightforlightandlive

Hi everyone. 

I don't usually post on a Sunday - but this is for a good cause so I had to take part. In honour of comedy legend Robin Williams, there has been a tag started on Instagram to raise awareness for depression. Today people will be posting their green manicures for this great cause. I don't suffer from depression myself but members of my family do, and I know it's a problem that affects millions of people. Despite it being such a big problem, I think it is also quite misunderstood and a bit of a taboo subject - so if this tag is going to make people more aware of what a struggle having depression can be then I'm glad to be a part of it. You can find out more about depression here on the Mind website.

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16 August 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Real Dried Flowers

*Provided for review.

Hello my lovelies. Happy Saturday, I hope you are all having a lovely day so far. I am spending my day catching up on blog stuff (it feels like I do this every Saturday at the moment, I need some more organisation in my life!).

Today I have a review of these lovely dried flowers from Born Pretty Store. They come in a pack with twelve different colours but I have just used one colour for my nails today. Each colour comes in a separate little pot so they are nice and easy to store. I have been wanting to try out dried flowers for ages, but I've never got round to actually buying any so I was pleased to give these a go.

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15 August 2014

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Holiday Inspired.

Hi guys! Thank god it's Friday! I went into work early today, which means I got to come home early.. so I have a nice long afternoon off.

This week's prompt for Fingerfood's Theme Buffet is holiday inspired. I have gone a bit holiday crazy this year - I went to Morocco in the beginning of July and I am going to Rhodes in the beginning of September (I am now very poor lol). So as you might be able to tell I was excited for this theme. I contemplated saving my Moroccan skyline nails I did last week for this theme, but I decided to do another design in the end. Instead I went for a tropical beach/desert island theme.

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14 August 2014

Coral and Grey Floral Stamping.

Hi everyone. How are you all? I am glad it's nearly Friday, I have been so unmotivated with work this week!

I have more stamping for you today. I got all excited after my successful stamping on Monday and decided to have another go to check it wasn't a fluke :P. I'm glad to report that it wasn't lol.

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12 August 2014

Pink with Black and White Roses

Hi everyone. I hope you're all well. My day at work was pretty rubbish today so I'm going to spend my afternoon feeling sorry for myself haha ;).

I have more flowers to show you today (have you guessed I like flowers yet?). This time in the form of roses.

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11 August 2014

Pick A Polish: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream.

Hello my loves. How was your Monday? I am still feeling a bit tired from the weekend so I am glad to be home now :P.

For Pick A Polish this week I shall be showing you Barry M - Berry Ice Cream. I use Barry M polishes a lot, but I haven't used this one in ages. I had almost forgotten how pretty it is!

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9 August 2014

Moroccan Skyline.

Hi girlies. How is everyone? I have spent my Saturday so far doing lots of nail art, but hopefully I shall be going out to see the sun after I have posted this. 

I have another manicure inspired by someone else to show you today, maybe I should call this inspiration week as 3 out of my 5 posts have been copied from other people lol. Anyway, I tried to recreate this manicure by m_a_tom on instagram (initially I was going to enter it in a contest she was running but I missed the cut off date, oops!). This design reminded me of my trip to Morocco at the beginning of July so I thought I would give it a go and relive some Moroccan memories :). 

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8 August 2014

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Retro.

Hi lovelies. It's Friiiiday! I'm looking forward to my weekend as I am going on a night out tomorrow with my bestie, which I haven't done in forever.

Today I have this week's Fingerfood's Theme Buffet to show you, this week the theme is retro. I wouldn't say retro is my usual style, so I wasn't overly inspired by this theme. But I took to google and eventually came across this image which I liked the look of. As usual with me it's a floral pattern, I really am a bit of a flower freak!

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7 August 2014

Pink Holo Flowers

Hello lovelies. It's almost Friday, I am looking forward to the weekend (as usual).

I have some more girly nail art inspired by someone else to show you today. This time I have stolen this design by Vic and Her Nails, because I clearly can't think of my own designs at the moment. But it's pretty and pink so that makes everything okay ;).

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5 August 2014

Negative Space Dotticure with Lace Detail

Hi loves. How have your days been? I have had a fairly standard day at the office today.

I have some pretty, girly nail art to show you today. I was inspired by this gorgeous design by Paulina's Passions which was just so pretty, so I had to try it out. Paulina has to be one of my favourite nail artists, she's got such a cute, girly style.. I love it :). 

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4 August 2014

Pick A Polish: Pretty & Polished - Cuttlefish.

Hello lovelies. I hope Monday hasn't been too bad for you all. I went with my friend to pick up her new kittens after work, they are soooo cute and I want one now!

For Pick A Polish this week I have been using Pretty & Polished - Cuttlefish. I've never used this polish before, I got it not long ago from a Facebook sale page so I was excited to give it a try. It's also a thermal which always goes down well with me :).

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2 August 2014

Fashion Inspired - Neon Flowers

Hello loves. I hope you are all well. I'm spending the day catching up on blog things as I have been falling very behind lately. 

I have a summery, fashion inspired design to show you today. These are pretty simple but effective in my opinion, plus they are perfect for the summer! 

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1 August 2014

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Rainbow

Hello lovely lacquer-heads. Wooo it's Friday! I hope you all have lovely weekends planned - I have absolutely nothing planned so I reckon it's going to involve lots of relaxation :).

Today I have some rainbow nails t show you which I did for Fingerfood's Theme Buffet. These looked awesome in my head, but I totally hate them in real life... I really wanted to redo these but I have been so busy the last couple of week's my nails have taken a bit of a back seat. So apologies for the crapness, I shall try better next time! 

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