9 January 2014

Belle Glamour Swatches and Review.

Hello lovelies. I hope everyone is well.

Today I am back with some more swatches from Belle Glamour, I have swatched for Belle Glamour before so if you missed that post you can read that here. The owner of Belle Glamour, Catriona, contacted me again to see if I wanted to try any more of her polishes. Of course I said yes, especially since there were thermal polishes to be played with!

Click below to see my swatches and my thoughts on these polishes.

Up first we have Belle Glamour - Snowdrop.

Snowdrop is a frosty white base filled with lots of blue iridescent glitters and I think I spied a few gold ones in there too, but you can't really see them on the nail. This was advertised to me as a holo, I wouldn't personally call it a holo - it is more iridescent than a holo. I did struggle a tad with the formula on this one, I had to thin it a bit (which also resulted in me spilling thinner EVERYWHERE, but that is a different story). The top photo shows 3 coats on its own, but it was still quite patchy, so I tried one coat over black plus a couple of dabbed patches which is the second photo. I much prefer it layered, I think I may experiment using different colours underneath it. 

Secondly we have Belle Glamour - By The Seaside.

By The Seaside is a sky blue polish with a subtle holo shimmer. This photo shows two coats. The formula on this one was good, it was a little thick but in a good way and it self levelled nicely. This did dry quite gritty, it could almost pass as a textured polish (which for me isn't a bad thing, since I love textured polish) and it took 2 thick coats of topcoat to smooth it out. However in my opinion the colour is absolutely stunning and this is definitely a colour I can see myself wearing a lot. I completely failed at capturing the holo in my photos, it is so much more beautiful in real life.

Up next we have Belle Glamour - Amethyst.

Amethyst is a berry toned purple with holo glitters running through it. The photo above shows two coats. Again the formula was good and self levelled well. The holo was much stronger in this one, but I still didn't do very well at capturing it in my photos (can someone teach me how to photograph holos please lol). This one was a bit gritty but much less so than By The Seaside. I definitely don't own another polish similar to this one, I think this one is rather unique.

Now its time for my favourite ones.. the thermals! First up is Belle Glamour - Lagoon.

Lagoon is a blue thermal polish with a subtle holo sparkle. The first photo is in its cold state which is a gorgeous deep blue and the second in its warm state which is a lighter sky blue. I used two coats with topcoat. The formula was good, like some of the others it was a little bit thick but still easy to apply. I loved the colour of this, especially in its warm state.

Finally we have my favourite.. Belle Glamour - Dino Rawr.

Dino Rawr is a green thermal with a subtle gold shimmer. The top photo is in its cold state which is quite a dark teal colour, I am seriously in love with that shade. The second photo is the warm state which is much lighter shade. This one had the best formula, it was a bit thinner than the others. I used 2 coats with topcoat. I cannot express in words how much I love this one, I have already bought myself a full sized back up bottle because I never want to run out!

I also got a cuticle oil which I have been testing out, it comes in the same bottle as the polishes pictured at the top of this post. I'm not sure what the smell of it is, but its a really lovely, subtle scent - definitely not overpowering which some can be. This does well on the moisture front, I'm not sure it will be replacing my Burts Bees that I use multiple times daily.. However I have been using this every few days, between manicures, on my bare nails and it is definitely helping to keep my nails moisturised and healthy. It does take a little while to fully absorb so this isn't one you would want to use on the go, but it is lovely for when you are giving your nails a pamper.

Overall I was very impressed with these, my personal favourites would have to be Dino Rawr, Lagoon and By The Seaside. Belle Glamour polishes are available for pre order now here and they will officially be launching on the 24th of January. These polishes are limited edition so if you see something you like be sure to go snap it up before they're gone!

Which ones are your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


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