23 January 2014

Diamond Print Nails

Hello everyone. How are you all? 

Recently I was browsing the internet looking at clothes that I can't afford (which I do way too often) and I came across this little number. I'm not sure I could ever pull that dress off, but I thought it looked pretty cool so decided to try and put it on my nails instead.

For more details on this manicure click below.

I started with  W7 - Space Dust on all my nails.

On my thumb and ring finger using W7 - Black and freehanded on the diamond pattern. I was going to do this on all my nails, but I decided that it would be way too much effort so I just went for two fingers in the end. 

Finally I secured my studs with topcoat on the remaining three nails.

I was pretty happy with these, I am glad I didn't do all my nails with the pattern.. it would have taken forever and I think it might have looked a bit too much. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking.

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