31 October 2014

Graveyard Nails

Hello loves. Happy Halloween!

I've got my final Halloween design of the year to show you today. I have been wanting to do some graveyard nails for ages... l intended to last Halloween and never got round to it. This year I promised myself that I would do some and when I saw these nails by the lovely Sarah of Penny Pinching Polish I knew immediately I wanted to do something similar. I'm so glad I finally got these done!

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30 October 2014

A2Z - A is for Angles

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I am absolutely knackered today and I'm feeling a bit under the weather... thank god it's Friday tomorrow!

NEW CHALLENGE ALERT!! I have been very excited for today as I am starting another nail art challenge. Previously a group of bloggers collaborated on the AtoZ series, where they posted each week about polishes corresponding to each letter in the alphabet (all the posts can be found here). The lovely Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes very kindly invited me to be part of the second generation of this challenge.. A2Z. The difference this time is that there is a theme each week to create nail art with - which is right up my street (in case you hadn't guessed). We're kicking off the challenge with angles as our theme for A. 

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29 October 2014

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge: 80s & Three Dark Colours

Hi loves. Happy hump day! 

I've got this week's 52 Week Challenge post for you today. I usually post these on a Thursday, but I'm juggling my schedule around a bit as I'm starting a new challenge tomorrow. Anyway, the themes this week are 80s and three dark colours. I think I have said this almost every week in this challenge... but combining the themes is so hard! I definitely do not think of dark colours when I think 80s, so it took a while to for me to think up something suitable. I'm still determined to combine the themes each week though, I am stubborn like that!

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28 October 2014

Grey and Green Splodge

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is well. My day was going okay until about half an hour ago when I reversed my car into a kerb, now my exhaust is hanging off! That is definitely not what I needed lol. 

I have an attempt at another Halloween manicure to show you today. I say an attempt as it totally didn't work out, but as it's for Halloween I think I can just about get away with this. I'm good at selling myself aren't I? :P

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27 October 2014

Pick A Polish: Barry M - Greenberry

Hello loves. I hope your Monday's haven't been too much of a struggle! My day at work went surprisingly quickly today. 

I have this week's Pick A Polish to show you today and this week I have been using Barry M - Greenberry. This is one of Barry M's Gelly polishes which is a line that I love so I have had a fair bit of use out of this polish already. 

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26 October 2014

Share The Love Sunday!

Hello wonderful people. I hope you have all had lovely weekend's, mine has been very lazy!

I am kicking off a new feature on my blog today... Share The Love Sunday! Each Sunday I will be rounding up some of my favourite nails done by other people (with credit obviously) and showing them all to you. I have seen other people do these kind of posts and I really enjoy reading them. There's so much talent out there that needs to be celebrated!

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25 October 2014

Blood Drip Nails

Hello loves. I hope your weekend's are all going great so far! I have spent my morning planning a weekend away for my 21st birthday so I'm feeling very excited!

I've done some more Halloween nail art for you today - blood nails! As strange as it may be, I actually quite enjoy dressing up like a zombie and dousing myself in fake blood. Unfortunately I don't have a Halloween event to go to this year as an excuse to do this to myself, so I have settled for some bloody nails instead. 

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24 October 2014

MoYou Nails Review - Plate 125

Provided for review*

Hello everyone. Thank god it's Friday! I feel as though I really need the weekend this week (although I think I say that most weeks). 

I have a review for MoYou Nails to show you today. MoYou have very kindly sent me a whole array of stamping plates and polishes, so I have lots of these posts planned to show you. First of all I will be showing you plate 125.

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23 October 2014

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge - 70s/ Grey and Colour

Hi loves. How are we all? It's nearly Friday and I am very much looking forward to the weekend!

The two themes for the 52 Week Challenge this week are 70s and grey and colour. At first I was a bit stumped as to how to combine these two themes together... I generally think of bright and garish colours when I think of the 1970s and definitely not grey. In the end I took loose inspiration from the third image down here, swapping out the brown for a grey. 

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21 October 2014

Orange and Black Cobwebs

Hello lovelies. I hope you've all had a lovely day. The weather is very stormy where I live today so I am going to spend my evening hibernating in my dressing gown :). 

I have another Halloween inspired design to show you today. I did some cobweb nail art last year and really liked them, so I thought I would do them again this year but mix the colours up. I was going to add in a spider, but I hate the things so I decided to leave it off! I also want to apologise for the tip wear in these photos... I was convinced I had taken photos of these when I did them and went to edit them a couple of days later and found I hadn't actually take any photos at all (doh!) luckily I hadn't removed this nail art yet!

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20 October 2014

Pick A Polish: OPI - In The Cable Carpool Lane

Hi everyone. Happy Monday! I did a ten hour shift at work today and I am zonked, I don't know how people do that much work everyday haha! I think I'll stick to my normal shifts from now on. 

For Pick A Polish this week I shall be showing you OPI - In The Cable Carpool Lane. This is from their 2013 San Francisco collection and it is a great autumn colour in my opinion - it's one of my go to's for this season.

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18 October 2014

Freehand Triangles with Smitten Polish - Antiquing

Hello lovelies. How are we all?

I've got another manicure which was inspired by someone else today (I will do some of my own designs soon I promise!). This time I was inspired by this design by @ramydoesnails on Instagram. Not only is this a gorgeous design, I thought it would be great to practice freehanding straight lines too.

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17 October 2014

French Tip & Chevron.

Hi lovelies. It's FRIDAY!! I hope you all have lovely plans for the weekend :). 

I recently came across this awesome manicure by Doctor Crafty whilst browsing blogs and immediately fell in love! So as soon as I got a chance I recreated it on my own nails.

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16 October 2014

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge - 60s/Matte or Texture

Hello my loves. It's nearly Friday! 

I have this weeks installment of the 52 week challenge for you today; the themes this week are 60s and matte or texture. I didn't find these themes as easy as the previous two - gone are the days of just doing a gradient! 

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14 October 2014

Halloween Slime

Hello beauties. How are we all? 

I've got my first Halloween manicure of the year to show you today. I have had this design in my head ever since I bought Apple Pie by Belle Glamour months ago. I thought this polish was the perfect fit for a Halloween manicure so obviously it had to be the first one I did!

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13 October 2014

Pick A Polish: China Glaze - Keepin' It Teal

Hi loves. I hope Monday has treated you well. I went with my boyfriend to watch him do a track day after work today, so my evening has consisted of standing in the rain whilst my boyfriend got to drive fast cars round a track.. I think he needs to take me polish shopping now :). 

It's time for Pick A Polish! This week I have been playing with China Glaze - Keepin' It Teal. This was one of China Glaze's summer 2013 releases and I got it when it first came out, used it once or twice.. and since then it's sat in my helmer. This is one of the reasons why I love doing this series so much, it forces me to use the more neglected polishes in my collection. 

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11 October 2014

The Nail Arcade: Whale Charm

Provided for review*

Hello loves. Happy Saturday! I've just got home from my very early shift at work today so my weekend starts now!

I have another review for The Nail Arcade to show you today. This time for a little whale charm. 

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10 October 2014

Red and Black Ruffian with Rhinestones from The Nail Arcade

Provided for review*

Hello everyone. It's Friday! I am working tomorrow morning though so it isn't quite the weekend for me just yet.

I have a manicure to show you today that I am absolutely in love with. I was inspired by the red nails in this post by Liverpool Lashes. I also used some rhinestones from The Nail Arcade which I was sent for review. 

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9 October 2014

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge: Three Colour Gradient/Pink (with Butterfly Glitters from The Nail Arcade)

Provided for review*

Hello my loves. It's nearly Friday!

I have possibly my girliest manicure ever to show you today. I'm also killing two birds with one stone and combining this week's 52 Week Challenge and my review for some cute little butterfly glitters from The Nail Arcade. The themes this week for the 52 week challenge are pink and three colour gradient.. so I went for a pink gradient (I'm a creative genius, I know :P). 

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8 October 2014

MoYou Nails Stamping Plate Review

Provided for review*

Hello loves. Happy hump day! I don't usually post on a Wednesday but I have so many awesome things to show you I thought I'd squeeze another post in this week. 

I have a review of some goodies from MoYou Nails to show you today. I was very kindly sent two stamping plates and a polish so I have two manicures to show you today (don't say I never treat you :P). 

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7 October 2014

The Nail Arcade - Gold Skull Charms

Provided for review*

Hi everyone. A late post from me today, I've been out and about since work and I've only just got home - I'm straight off to snuggle up in bed after this lol. 

I have some more bits from The Nail Arcade to show you today - this time a gold skull charm. Skulls aren't normally my type of thing but I wanted to give these a try anyway to see if I would like them. 

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6 October 2014

Pick A Polish: Freckles Polish - Wild Flower Meadow

Hi loves. How are you? Despite the dreary weather here today I am in quite a good mood :).

For Pick A Polish this week I will be showing you Freckles Polish - Wild Flower Meadow. I've featured this on the blog a few times before, I think it has to be one of my favourite glitters. This is more of a spring polish for me, but I have tried to make it more autumn appropriate for this post.

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4 October 2014

The Nail Arcade - Holographic Triangle Glitter Review

Provided for review*

Hi guys. How are you all? I have been incredibly lazy today, I was in bed until almost midday.. oops!

I have a review of some gorgeous triangular glitters from The Nail Arcade to show you today. The Nail Arcade is a UK based online store selling lots of nail art goodies - mostly glitters, studs and rhinestones. I've got a whole array of goodies to show you guys, but these triangular glitters appealed to me most, so that is what I am showing you first. 

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3 October 2014

Fingerfood's Theme Buffet - Autumn

Hello lovelies. Happy Friday! 

I have this week's Theme Buffet to show you today, and this will be the last Theme Buffet post for a while unfortunately. Samantha aka Fingerfood Nails is putting the challenge on hold for a few months but there will be a fresh new start in the new year! I've really enjoyed taking part in this challenge so I will miss these weekly posts over the next few months but I'm excited to see what will come next year. This week's theme is autumn and the first thing I think of when I think autumn is tree's and all the gorgeous colours of autumn leaves.. so that is what I went with.

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2 October 2014

52 Week Pick & Mix Challenge: Two Colour Gradient/Teal

Hi loves. How are we all? My day has felt very long today so I am glad I am home!

I have the start of a brand new challenge to show you today. I am part of the Crumpet's Nail Tarts group on Facebook and we are starting a brand new weekly challenge for the next year. Each week there will be two themes set to create some nail art with - we can use either one of the themes or both of them combined. I want to try to use both of the themes each week to challenge myself but I will have to see how I go. This week's themes are a two colour gradient and teal, so I've gone for a teal gradient and also added in some stamping.

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