12 February 2014

Week Of Love Valentines Nail Art Challenge - Roses

Hi everyone. I hope you are all well. I nearly forgot to post this today, I got carried away swatching and suddenly remembered I hadn't published this.. but luckily I remembered :).

We are half way through the Week Of Love and today's theme is roses. I haven't done a rose manicure in ages so I was really excited to have another go at them. 

To see what I came up with read on after the jump.

I started with a base of OPI - Don't Burst My Bubble on all my nails.

I then added two red blobs to each nail (roughly in a rose shape) using OPI - Innie Minnie Mighty Bow.

Then I added the lines within the rose for the petals using Sally Hansen - Cinnasnap.

Finally I painted my leaves using Rimmel - Camouflage

I really really loved these, most of my previous rose attempts haven't come out great but I think this is my best attempt yet. I felt that these were classy and elegant and I didn't want to take them off!

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


  1. *bows to the queen of roses* I wouldn't want to take those off either, they look GORGEOUS! You did a fantastic job!

  2. I love these! Soft and delicate! :)


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