15 February 2014

Belle Glamour Swatches and Review.

Hello lovelies. How are you all? I'm about to go and get ready for a night out tonight, it will be nice to let me hair down :).

I'm back with my second post for today, which are swatches of some new releases from Belle Glamour. I was contacted by Catriona recently and offered the polishes at a discount to swatch them, so of course I said yes. These were all released this morning so if you like what you see go and grab them while you can! 

There's some really cool polishes in this bunch, so I strongly recommend you carry on reading to see what they're like! :)

These polishes consist of 3 shimmer polishes, 4 neons and a glitter topper, up first are the shimmers.

This is Belle Glamour - Peachy.

Peachy is a peachy toned orange shade with gold shimmer. This photo shows 3 coats without topcoat. You do need to let each coat dry with this one before adding the next or it will drag, but apart from that it applied well. This isn't a colour I would usually pick for myself but I ended up really liking it, the shimmer is gorgeous.

Next up is Belle Glamour - Cloud 9.

Cloud 9 is a gorgeous sky blue shimmer polish, this is 3 coats without topcoat. The formula was similar to peachy, but this one doesn't drag as much so it is easy to apply. This is another beautiful shade.

The last of the shimmers is Belle Glamour - Emerald City.

Emerald City is a forest green shimmer and it reminds me of Christmas trees. This is 4 coats without topcoat, but you could definitely get away with 3. The formula again is similar to the other two, I rushed the application on this swatch a bit which is why I needed a fourth coat. But as long as each coat is dry before the next you shouldn't have any issues. 

Next up we have the glitter topper, Belle Glamour - Lets Get Partying.

Lets Get Partying is a clear coat with a slight shimmer and silver holographic hexes. This is one coat over W7 - Black. This was very glitter dense which I liked, it is easy to get enough glitters onto each nail in one coat. The glitters did clump slightly so I had to move them around once on the nail. I think this is a really great topper, I will definitely be having a go at some glitter placement using this at some point.

Now we are onto my favourites.. the neons! I shall address the formula with these now as they are all similar. They are all very sheer, so I have layered each polish over a white base so the colour pops. I'm not sure that they could be built to opacity on their own. The application of these were all very smooth, so were easy to apply. However like with the shimmers, each coat has to be left to dry before applying the next one. All of these have fine holo shimmer running throughout them, the effect is very subtle but I think it gives a nice finish. They are all jellies, I love the squishiness!

Up first is Belle Glamour - Satsuma In Summer.

Satsuma In Summer is a neon orange jelly with fine holographic shimmer. This is 3 coats over a white base and it was the most sheer of the bunch. This one reminds me of freshly squeezed orange juice, yummy!

Next we have Belle Glamour - Wink Wink.

Wink Wink is an eye-searing neon pink with a subtle holo shimmer. This one is my absolute favourite, it's so barbie like which is totally not my style normally but I love it! This photo shows 2 coats over white. 

The next one is Belle Glamour - Am I Yellow Or Green?

I would definitely say that Am I Yellow Or Green? is yellow, it reminds me of a highlighter. This one is the most neon but the holo is the most subtle. I'm not sure I will wear this often as a full manicure, I'm not much of a yellow polish person (I only own 4 including this one) but it will definitely be good for some neon summer nail art. This is such an outrageous colour!

Finally we have Belle Glamour - Sparkle Me Silly

Sparkle Me Silly is a neon green jelly with a subtle holo effect. This is 2 coats over white. Another outrageous shade, I don't know what else to say about these - I love them!

I think Belle Glamour have a great range of polish, everyone will find something that they like on her site. All these polishes were released today so if you wanna pick some up you can visit Belle Glamour's store here. I would definitely recommend giving the neons a try, I am literally in love with them and I think they will be on my nails a lot this summer. 

Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


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