20 February 2014

Rainbow Connection Haul

Hi loves. How are you all? I'm currently in a strop because I just got a new phone and it doesn't bloody work! What a rip off! Anyway...

Today I have another indie haul to show you, this time with purchases from Rainbow Connection since I went on a little spending spree there recently. I haven't bought much from Rainbow Connection before, but I am loving the fact that it is easier to get hold of international indies in the UK now without having to pay top dollar for shipping so I have a feeling I may be doing posts like this more often!

To see my swatches please click below.

Up first we have Liquid Sky Lacquer - Hot Cocoa With Whip.

Hot Cocoa With Whip is a glitter topper with a clear base and brown, white and gold glitters. This is one coat over Revlon - Trade Winds. The formula is good, it is quite glitter dense so you can get good coverage in one coat. I did have to dab some of the glitters on to place them correctly. I think the name of this polish is perfectly suited to what it looks like, it reminds me of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.. yum!

Next is Pahlish - Thunderous Sparks.

Thunderous Sparks is a pinkish red jelly base with red and purple glitters. This photo shows 2 coats. The formula was amazing, it was soo smooth! It does dry a tiny bit flat so a nice shiny topcoat is needed to bring out its full potential. I love the little flashes of purple.

This one is called Ethereal Lacquer - Enthrall.

Enthrall is a khaki green base packed with gold flakies. This photo shows 3 coats. The formula was a tiny bit thick, but it was still easy to apply. It was quite sheer but built up well. This one is definitely unique in my stash.

Up next is Glam Polish - Tempestarii.

Tempestarii is a deep purple base with a scattered holo. This swatch is 2 coats. The formula was good and application was very easy, however it did dry to a gritty finish so needs a thick top coat to smooth it out. The holo was very strong and was visible in most lights. This one mesmerised me!

The photo below shows the holo off better.

Next on the list is B Squared Lacquer - White Lights.

White Lights is an off white base with gold glitters and gold shimmer. I was a bit disappointed with this one I'm afraid! This is 3 coats, but it was so hard to apply. The formula is very thick and the glitters clump together, making it very hard to get a smooth finish. This is a pretty polish but I just wish the formula was better. 

Next in line is Pahlish - Minty Fresh.

Minty Fresh is a spring green cream base with darker green micro glitters. This is 2 coats. The formula was very smooth and it was pretty opaque. This one reminds me of spring and meadows.

Up next is Ethereal Lacquer - Violet Frost.

Violet Frost is a dusty lavendar holo. This is 3 coats, but could probably get away with 2. Each coat does have to be dry before applying the next as it does drag a little bit, but only slightly. This is a really lovely, delicate shade. 

The photo below shows the holo better.

Finally we have Black Cat Lacquer - Libra.

Libra is a iridescent glitter topper, I imagine it will look different over different colours. This is 1 coat over W7 - Black. This was VERY glitter dense and quite thick so application was a little tricky, I used the blob and spread technique with this one and took my time with application. I think the final outcome is definitely worth it however, just look how amazing this polish is!

Overall I am very pleased with my purchases. My favourites have to be Thunderous Sparks, Tempestarii and Libra. I've already bought a few more indies since swatching these so I will definitely be back with another haul post soon I reckon ;).

Which ones do you like best?

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hey Vicky, I just nominated you for Liebster Award :D Check out here http://vicandhernails.blogspot.com/2014/02/again-with-awards-liebster-sunshine-and.html

  2. Replies
    1. I know right, perfect for spring in my opinion!

  3. What a gorgeous bunch! I'm drooling over Thunderous Sparks <3

    1. That was one of my favourites too :) wore it as a full mani and I loved it


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