6 February 2014

Inspired By A Vase.

Hello everyone. Are you all having a good day? I am having a nice relaxing day off work :).

I was recently browsing Pinterest and came across a picture of a really interesting vase. I loved the shape and design so decided to do a version of it on my nails. I thought I had pinned the picture, but clearly not and now I can't find it.. I swear I am the most forgetful person ever!

Also I had a mad moment and chopped my nails off, I'm not sure if I prefer them a bit shorter or not.

For more details on this manicure click below.
I started with a base of Barry M - Lychee on all my nails.

I then painted on the blue shape (this is the shape that the vase was) using Barielle - Surfs Up.

I added the dots with a dotting tool using Barry M - Lychee again.

Finally I added the lines using Revlon - Fall Mood.

I was pretty happy with these, I thought they looked quite cool. You will have to take my word that they look like the vase I used as inspiration!

What do you think of these? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking.

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