20 November 2013

#BritishBloggerSelection: Favourite Clothes Shop

Hello everyone. How are you all? I have a day off work today as I am working Saturday, I feel this day off is well needed as I am feeling a bit under the weather.

Today I have this week's #BritishBloggerSelection post, this week the theme is my favourite clothes shop. I wouldn't say I have a favourite clothes shop to be honest, I have a few that I like but I'm not sure one stands out on its own for me. However I have recently been eyeing up this dress from Topshop and I do quite often find things I like in Topshop. So I decided to do a design based on that dress.

I started with a white base using my unnamed Color Club white.

Over the white I used a technique I saw by Chalkboard Nails here. To do this I used Rimmel - Black Cab and wiped most of the polish off the brush on the neck of the bottle. I swiped the brush over the nail, but as there wasn't much polish on the brush it gave a patchy effect.

Finally I freehanded the silhouettes of the flowers with a detail brush.

I was pleased with how these came out, they have made me want the dress even more now! I am hoping santa might see this post and take the hint lol.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


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