31 December 2014

2014 Round Up - Your Favourites

Hello everyone. I can't believe it's New Years Eve already, where the hell has 2014 gone?! I'm off to a friends tonight to see the new year in, I hope you all have lovely things planned too. 

So as this year is coming to a close, I thought I would do a little round up of what has happened on Vicky Loves Nails in 2014. Today I will be going through some of my most popular posts, and tomorrow I'm going to be showing you my personal favourites. I have posted 268 posts this year (including this one) so I had plenty of posts to go through! 

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Most viewed post of 2014 - 

This colourful sponged nail art dating way back to January was my most viewed post of the year. I'm not quite sure why these have had so many views, perhaps because they are simple and easy to recreate. Definitely an unexpected favourite for me!

Most commented on post of 2014 - 

The manicure that got you all talking this year was this bird in the sunset nail art, which I also did in January. I have to admit, I did love these and I still do to this day. They took me hours so I'm glad the hard work paid off lol!

Most liked post on Instagram - 

My most popular post on IG was my neon flowers nail art I did in August. I always loved these, but never expected them to be as popular as they were. Just goes to show that sometimes simple is better! 

Most popular on Twitter - 

My most tweeted about nail art this year was this neon gradient with flowers which I posted in June. It seems that neon and flowers are a popular combination! Not gonna lie, I loved wearing these ones too. 

Most liked photo on Facebook - 

My most liked photo on my Facebook page was my red and gold chevrons which I posted earlier this month. This was another one that I really liked, but didn't expect to be as popular. The red in this is gorgeous though!

Most liked on Nailpolis - 

Finally my most liked photo on Nailpolis was this negative space dotticure with lacey bits (can you tell I struggled to name this one?!). This was another surprise for me, I really didn't think this was my best work at all!

So there you have it, six of my most popular posts for 2014. I'll be back tomorrow with my personal favourites (there's way more of them, I'm so bad at choosing!). 

Which one is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great new year!


  1. Ohh hard to choose they are all stunners. I think I love bird in a sunset best but the neon gradient with white flowers are cool, in fact they are all cool! Oh its new year here in Australia so happy new year!

    1. Thanks my lovely, happy new year to you too!

  2. The first & last manicures are my favorites from you!

  3. wow neon gradient flowers are... are.... greatttttt!


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