1 January 2015

2014 Round Up - My Favourites

Hello everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I had a lovely time with friends celebrating the new year last night, but I am starting 2015 feeling rather worse for wear haha! 

As promised I have a round up of my personal favourite posts from 2014 (I did my most popular posts yesterday which you can see here). At first I was going to show you five, then it grew to ten... and it ended up at thirteen because I am so bloody indecisive! But a few extra pictures of nails never hurt anyone right?!

Click below for more. 

I haven't included the manicures I showed you in yesterdays post for these, just to keep things a bit more interesting.

My first favourite from way back in January are these fire lion nails. This was one of those rare occasions where a crazy idea you have in your head actually works! This is still my boyfriend's favourite to this day. 

I still love these rose nails I did back in February for the Week of Love Challenge I took part in for Valentines day. There is nothing unique or special about these, but you can't go wrong with a classic red rose for Valentines day in my opinion. 

My next pick is this tribal nail art I did in March. I think the main reason I like these is because I was proud that I freehanded the triangular edge thingys (technical term). I was expecting it to be a hot mess, but I actually ended up loving them. 

Please excuse the scarily long nails and nubby little thumb nail in this photo! I much prefer my nails shorter now. Aside from the length of my nails here now freaking me out, I think my Easter daffodils from April are quite good. I feel like I used to do much more detailed freehand nail art than I do now, I need to change that! 

These watercolour flowers I did in May have to be my absolute favourite for the year. They're just so pink and pretty and summery! 

Carrying on the watercolour/floral theme I also loved these watercolour roses I did in June. I don't love them quite as much as my pink ones above, but they are definitely still up there in my favourites! Lets face it, I do love anything with flowers on!

I still really love these nails I did using neon loose glitter from Born Pretty Store, also in June. These are much simpler than a lot of my other favourites, but I just love the combo of the pinky nude and neon! 

I think my Finding Nemo nail art I did in July is the most challenging freehand design I've ever done. Despite these taking me in excess of three hours, I would say every minute of it was worth it. By no means are they perfect, but I was very proud of them all the same. 

I also loved these lightening storm nails I did in July. All the brights colours of summer (as much as I love them) can get a bit much, so this was a nice breather from the brights and the neons - I love the moody purple tones in these. 

I did this Moroccan skyline back in August as a way of reliving my trip to Morocco in July. I love this manicure as it reminds me of my holiday, but I also like the yellow and blue for the background as opposed to the usual yellow and orange you often see.

The only stamping manicure that has made the cut this year is this one which I did in September when reviewing a plate for Born Pretty Store. I think this is a combination of loving the colours, the image stamping so well and the fact that I am a flower nut which makes this a winner for me. 

In October I did these red and black ruffians which I unexpectedly fell in love with. Red and black is a colour scheme I am often wary of, I worry it can make me look a bit gothic (which isn't always a bad thing to be fair). But I think I hit the red and black jackpot with these.. I didn't want to take them off! I think the rhinestones may have helped a little. 

Finally we have my Christmas watermarble which I did in early December. In case you haven't heard, I have been on a bit of watermarbling spree lately. I am determined to master the technique as it's one I have always struggled with the most. This has to be my favourite one to date - okay it's not technically perfect, but I kind of like how some of the colours have merged together a bit and it's my best try yet!

So those are my favourites for 2014... lets see what nail art 2015 brings! I have had a bit of blogger burn out towards the end of this year - so I may be taking the blog in a bit of a different direction for 2015. I've ended up posting 6 days a week sometimes, and alongside a full time job that is very had to keep up with - I've felt a bit like a machine churning out blog posts! So my blogging new years resolutions are to focus on quality, not quantity, to enjoy my nail art and not put too much pressure on myself.

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my little blog, without all your lovely comments this would be much less rewarding!

I hope everyone had an amazing new year, here's to 2015! 


  1. Your Easter Daffodils are just absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Gosh your talented! I love them all. As for not being able to post as much as you're used to. Don't stress it. I would rather see you happy and posting less often than burning yourself out. They just feel more special. Take care xx

    1. Thanks so much hun! I'm glad people are being understanding, I feel much more relaxed now I've taken a bit of time for myself! :)

  3. waterflowers and macocan shades are gorgeous!!!! but my fav is not herre (bouhou... I cry) it is the pink flowers on silver lines!!!! happy new year sweetie!!!

    1. Thanks my lovely. I did love that one too, but wasn't quite in my favourites! Happy new year to you too :) <3


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