29 December 2014

Pick A Polish: Avon - Midnight Green

Hello my loves. How is everyone? I went sales shopping today and I didn't buy any nail polish, I think there might be something wrong with me!

It's time for this week's Pick A Polish, this time in the form of Avon - Midnight Green. This is an older polish in my stash that I do tend to neglect, but boy is it pretty!

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Midnight Green is a dark forest green, with a lovely shimmer to it. My swatch shows two coats without topcoat. I can't complain about the formula, it was a little patchy on the first coat but evens out perfectly with the second. This kind of colour is always a surprise favourite for me - I won't often wear a dark green out of choice but when I do put it on I always love it! 

I took inspiration from this design by @kimiko7878 on instagram for my nail art. I changed up the swirls a bit and only did them on my ring finger for my version - but it's still very similar. Alongside Midnight Green I used piCture pOlish - Tail Feather on my ring finger and half of my middle finger. My swirls were done using Midnight Green and I added some studs down the middle of my middle finger. 

I don't often do skittlette style manicures like this, my brain seems to find it hard to put together combinations that I like. But since I copied someone else here I really like these :P. I don't know if Avon still make this polish as I've had it quite a while, but it's definitely worth snapping up if you do ever come across it - it's such a gorgeous green!

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a great day!


  1. Love this green, rich and shiny. The contrast colour really compliments it.

  2. Wowee! This is a gorgeous green and a great manicure with it!

  3. That's a really lovely polish and a really lovely mani.


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