14 December 2014

Share The Love Sunday

Hello lovelies. How have your weekends been? I had a great night out last night, but I am definitely feeling the effects today... I didn't get out of bed until 3pm, oopsie!

It's time for Share The Love Sunday again, this week I have five fabulously festive designs to show you!

Click below to see what I picked. 

My first pick are these Christmas chevrons by Pink and Polished. I think these are such a cool idea, plus it could be recreated with different colours to suit any occasion. These may have to go on my to do list (which is ridiculously long at the moment!). 

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I also chose these Christmas lights by KiraKiraNail. I love glitter anyway, but I get way more obsessed with it around the Christmas period. I think this is a great way of using glitter creatively - I wish I had unlimited time to try all these designs out myself!

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How cute is this snowy scene by @bombchelenails?! Aside from the fact that this design is perfectly painted, I am loving the unusual colour scheme. As much as I love the usual blue, icy colour schemes that people often do with this kind of nail art, this is such a nice twist on it. 

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 I am also loving these snowy reindeer nails by Wondrously Polished. I am always in awe of Wondrously Polished's nail art, she comes up with such creative and unique designs and her freehand skills are amazing. I am a big fan of silhouette nail art, and I love the inverted colours shown here. 

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Finally I chose this black and gold watermarble by Bite No More. Tracey is the queen of watermarbling, I have learnt most of what I know about watermarbling from this lovely lady. There is something I love about black and gold as a colour scheme, I'm not quite sure why but I always love it - these would be great for a Christmas or New Years party. Plus this watermarble is flawless! 

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I hope you like everything I've chosen.

See you next time. 


  1. Aww thank you so much for the shout out hun. Great idea, I think I'll do one soon :) xx

  2. Really nice selection!!!


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