7 December 2014

Share The Love Sunday

Hello lovelies. 

I've got five amazing manicures to show you this week - let's get straight into it!

Click below to see my picks. 

First up we have these black and white geometric nails by Magically Polished. Magically Polished is one of my favourite blogs, her nail art is always so perfectly executed and I love how clear her photos are. I'm especially loving this design, I think the studs go perfectly with the geometric pattern. 

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My next pick is a Christmas jumper inspired manicure by @idreamof_nails. These are so cute! I do find a lot of Christmas designs can be quite garish, but the softer colours used in these make them a more subtle version of Christmas. 

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I've been a bit obsessed with watermarbles lately - I've spent ages looking at photos and watching videos of them. I really fell in love with this one by @lacquerandspice, aren't they perfect?! They remind me of candy canes too, yummy!

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I also loved these gorgeous stamped fashion inspired nails by K's Nail Art. There is always something so classic and elegant about a black and white manicure, and I think these embody that perfectly. 

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Finally I chose these mod inspired nails by Pockey Money Polishes. The contrast between the bright orange and the black and white nails is awesome. My favourite part is that cute little freehanded eye, it totally fits with the mod theme in my opinion. 

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I hope you like everything I chose, see you next time!


  1. Aww thank you so much Vicky! You are the sweetest, and I love your blog too! :*

  2. I love magically polished!! And the lacquerandspice is nice discovery


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