26 October 2014

Share The Love Sunday!

Hello wonderful people. I hope you have all had lovely weekend's, mine has been very lazy!

I am kicking off a new feature on my blog today... Share The Love Sunday! Each Sunday I will be rounding up some of my favourite nails done by other people (with credit obviously) and showing them all to you. I have seen other people do these kind of posts and I really enjoy reading them. There's so much talent out there that needs to be celebrated!

Click below to see what I chose.

First we have this gorgeous Romantic Roses and Diamonds nail art by Fixin To Faff. I really loved the delicate feel of the sheer glitter in this nail art and the roses are gorgeous too! I could never pull off nail art like this off as my nails are way too stained lol. 

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Next I chose this Geometric Gradient by Crazy Polishes. These colours are just perfect together and this is such a clever twist on a gradient.. so pretty! 

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I am also loving this Skeletal Flower Child Stamping by Copycat Claws. The contrast between the edginess of the skull and the prettiness of the flowers is just great. It's no secret that I love floral nail art and this is no exception. 

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I was completely blown away by this Frozen Halloween nail art by @ashearer3 on Instagram. The amount of detail in this design is amazing and I think she has captured Olaf perfectly! This girl has a huge amount of talent!

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Finally I chose this Pink Ribbon Dotticure for Breast Cancer Awareness by @prettytoughnails on IG. These are ridiculously pretty - I am loving the idea of a french tip made of dots! Plus it's raising awareness for a great cause, where can you go wrong?!

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I hope you've all enjoyed this post - I've really enjoyed putting it together! I can't wait to find some more pretty nails to show you next week. 

See you next time. 


  1. Thanks so much for including me Vicky! That's so sweet of you <3

  2. So honored to be listed here with these amazing artists! Thank you for the love!

  3. thank you so much..I am honored.. Missed the notification in feeds, finally see this. Love all the other artists. xx


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