30 October 2014

A2Z - A is for Angles

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I am absolutely knackered today and I'm feeling a bit under the weather... thank god it's Friday tomorrow!

NEW CHALLENGE ALERT!! I have been very excited for today as I am starting another nail art challenge. Previously a group of bloggers collaborated on the AtoZ series, where they posted each week about polishes corresponding to each letter in the alphabet (all the posts can be found here). The lovely Charlie of Pocket Money Polishes very kindly invited me to be part of the second generation of this challenge.. A2Z. The difference this time is that there is a theme each week to create nail art with - which is right up my street (in case you hadn't guessed). We're kicking off the challenge with angles as our theme for A. 

Click below for more.

I knew immediately when I saw this theme that I was going to use my striping tape. I settled on a silver and black colour scheme using Topshop - Zodiac and W7 - Black. I did intend to do all of my nails with the striping tape design, but for some reason I did my nails in an odd order and really liked how they looked half way through, with my index and little fingers left plain silver. 

I really loved how these came out! I forgot how much I love this Topshop polish, I think it's really pretty and it pairs up with the black well in my opinion. I didn't want to take these off! 

In addition to the inlinkz below, you can check out the challenge archive page to see all the designs posted throughout this whole challenge. 

I hope you like them! See you next time. 


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