13 October 2014

Pick A Polish: China Glaze - Keepin' It Teal

Hi loves. I hope Monday has treated you well. I went with my boyfriend to watch him do a track day after work today, so my evening has consisted of standing in the rain whilst my boyfriend got to drive fast cars round a track.. I think he needs to take me polish shopping now :). 

It's time for Pick A Polish! This week I have been playing with China Glaze - Keepin' It Teal. This was one of China Glaze's summer 2013 releases and I got it when it first came out, used it once or twice.. and since then it's sat in my helmer. This is one of the reasons why I love doing this series so much, it forces me to use the more neglected polishes in my collection. 

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Keepin' It Teal is a bright teal jelly. It is very sheer - this photo shows five coats and you can still see a fair bit of visible nail line. The formula wasn't too bad, possibly a little runny. It was fairly easy to apply but is a bit uneven on the first few coats. This is a beautiful colour but I do wish it didn't need so many coats.

I wanted to do some nail art to cover the visible nail line I had with this polish, and when I came across this post on Nailsxo I knew that was what I wanted to do. Over my base colour I used a striper brush and I Love Nail Polish - Rehab to paint lines of different lengths coming down from the tip of my nail. 

I do love this polish, I just wish it wasn't as sheer. I love how my nail art turned out though! I think I will always have to use this polish with my tips covered by nail art, it's much nicer that way. 

Do you like sheer polish? Let me know what you think in the comments.

See you next time.


  1. I'm so glad my design inspired you and I absolutely love these nails you've created. I've not got many colours like that so it's great to see them, they look beautiful :)! Can I feature these nails with a link to your website on my blog? I have a page called 'Your Nails' for people who have been inspired or followed my tutorials? xx

    1. Thank you my lovely, I'm glad you like them. Of course, feel free to repost as you wish :)

  2. Gorgeous colour, however I dislike sheer polishes as well, can't stand a visible nail line. That said, jellies can be good for sandwich type mani's or for leadlighting stamping. Also, I wouldn't have had the patience for five coats.... *shivers*

    1. Yes I agree, I think jellies have their uses but on the whole I prefer polishes not to be sheer. Haha it was a bit of a struggle.. 5 long coats!


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