25 October 2014

Blood Drip Nails

Hello loves. I hope your weekend's are all going great so far! I have spent my morning planning a weekend away for my 21st birthday so I'm feeling very excited!

I've done some more Halloween nail art for you today - blood nails! As strange as it may be, I actually quite enjoy dressing up like a zombie and dousing myself in fake blood. Unfortunately I don't have a Halloween event to go to this year as an excuse to do this to myself, so I have settled for some bloody nails instead. 

Click below for more.

I used Sally Hansen - Without A Stitch as my base colour. Over this I used Dream - Red Red Wine to create my bloodiness. First of all I swiped some polish onto my tips using a fan brush and then added some drips using a dotting tool. I blobbed on a little extra polish on my tips with the dotting tool also to give it a little more depth. 

I absolutely loved wearing these, I felt like a zombie! I don't think my boyfriend liked them very much though, he seemed a bit freaked out by them haha!

Have a lovely day guys. 


  1. Wow nice! i totally buy it! perfect manu for haloween and the red polish just looks like blood!


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