14 October 2014

Halloween Slime

Hello beauties. How are we all? 

I've got my first Halloween manicure of the year to show you today. I have had this design in my head ever since I bought Apple Pie by Belle Glamour months ago. I thought this polish was the perfect fit for a Halloween manicure so obviously it had to be the first one I did!

Click below for more.

First off I painted all my nails with Barry M - Spring Green and I topped that off with two coats of Belle Glamour - Apple Pie. I freehanded on my drips using a detail brush, a dotting tool and W7 - Black. I'll be posting a video on instagram of these if you want to see how I did them. 

These came out just as I have been imagining for the last six months, I love them! These did stain my nails ridiculously though - they are SO yellow now :(. 

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a great day. 


  1. cute and the green is amazing :)

  2. Love the green polish, dislike the staining! I've got yellowish nails as well, but I'm not certain which polish is to blame (most likely an orange). Good thing I keep my nails polished so you can't see them bare!

    1. Thank you! Mine are always a bit yellow, but since I took this mani off they practically glow lol.


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