30 November 2014

Share The Love Sunday

Hello lovelies.

It's that time of week again - where I round up my favourite nail art I have come across in the last week.

Click below to see what I chose.

My first pick this week is this spiral stamping by Wacky Laki. It's no secret that I am obsessed with sparkle, and this manicure is no exception. I think the stamping and addition of the rhinestones compliment this gorgeous polish perfectly. 

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I am absolutely loving this feather nail art by Dorothy Nail Assay. Aren't they flawless? I was convinced that these must be stickers or stamps when I first saw them, but she has painted them herself! Absolutely stunning.

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Next up we have this gorgeous red and gold block design by May Contain Traces of Polish. Now I have my birthday out of the way, I start to think of Christmas and these are wonderfully festive, without being in your face Christmas - a gentle way to ease myself into it. Totally stylish and elegant. 

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Finally I chose this beautiful wintry snowflake nail art by nailove2807. These are really subtle, but so beautiful. I love the delicate stamped snowflakes, along with the icy feeling textured polish. Gorgeous!

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I hope you all like my picks this week, I'll see you next time. 


  1. I just see I didn't come here to say a very huge tahnk you... really you thougt that it was stamping??? I was so surprised to be in your sunday selection... in middle of these amazing artist888 Fiannly I was very busy... so I am sorry for not coming here for a while... xoxo buddy;)

    1. Yes I did, they look so perfect to me I didn't think it would be possible to freehand them! You are welcome hun, and don't worry I know that feeling!


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