23 November 2014

Share The Love Sunday

Hello loves. I'm back from my weekend in London, I had a lovely time but I am exhausted now!

It's time to take your (and my) mind off the fact that it's nearly Monday, as I have my weekly round up of the amazing nail art I have been loving this week. 

Click below to see this week's picks. 

My first pick is this beautiful glitter gradient by @polishedtwins on Instagram. I am a complete sucker for a glitter gradient, and this one is the perfect combination of girly, glittery goodness! The glitter is gorgeous and the base is a perfect companion to it. I want to do a glitter gradient now! 

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How beautiful is this stamped rose mani by Simply Into My Nails?! This is so elegant and classy. I really love the stamping over the bare nail - I think that is what makes me love it so much. 

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Next I chose this really creative use of nail wraps by @dess_sure. I don't know why I've never thought of cutting up nail wraps into shapes before, it is such a good idea! I'm especially loving the spotty butterfly, isn't it adorable?!

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I was completely blown away by these colourful trees by @storynailart. I think she did a great job of replicating this scene. I wish trees were all these colours in real life, it's vivid and stunning! 

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My final choice this week was this black hole design by Starfish Nails. This is a nice twist on a galaxy manicure - galaxies have been done so much, it's great to still see people adapting them in their own way. The use of different colours on each nail works brilliantly too, I love them!

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I hope you like this week's picks - see you next time. 


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