8 November 2014

Purple and Gold Skittlette

Hi loves. Happy Saturday! My bad week hasn't been getting much better since I posted yesterday, I think hibernation may be my only option!

I have some last minute nails to show you today - it's rare that I do some nails and post them straight away but that is what I'm doing today. For some reason I managed to mess up my blog scheduling and overlooked today's post. I was planning on doing them last night but I had a power cut in my flat - doing my nails in the dark probably wouldn't have gone too well! So I have done a rush job this morning.. I think the idea behind these could work but, like a lot of things to do with this post, they didn't completely go to plan either! 

Click below for more.

My base colour is Sally Hansen - Perfect Plum. I did a glitter gradient and some glittery chevrons using Barry M - Majesty. They don't look so bad in the photos (thankfully) but my base colour just wouldn't dry completely (even though I left it for an hour and top coated it) so when I stuck my chevron stickers onto my nails it pulled up a lot of the base with it. So I had to go back in with a detail brush and fill in the bald spots. 

I contemplated not posting at all today, I feel as though the odds have been against me this week! But I figured as I have spent my morning doing the nails and editing the photos I may as well post them. They're probably not even as bad as I think, but I'm on a bit of a downer today! 

Let me know what you think in the comments, I promise I'll try to be a bit less negative with my next post!

Have a great weekend. 


  1. They are not bad at all! They are very nice :) If You didn't write that You messed up the chevron nail, no one would know ;) Love the gradient nails.
    And I hate when the stickers rip the polish... grrrr
    (Have to check if I have that Sally Hansen... lovely colour)

    1. Haha thanks hun, maybe I should have kept my mouth shut lol. Stickers ripping the polish is one of the worst things ever though!


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