12 August 2014

Pink with Black and White Roses

Hi everyone. I hope you're all well. My day at work was pretty rubbish today so I'm going to spend my afternoon feeling sorry for myself haha ;).

I have more flowers to show you today (have you guessed I like flowers yet?). This time in the form of roses.

Click below for more.

I started with my pink base which is OPI - Pinking of You.

I used a dotting tool and Sinful Colors - Snow Me White to create the shape of my roses.

Finally I used W7 - Black for the swirly petal details.

I really liked these nails, it's a slightly different take on roses but I think it's nice to mix it up a bit. I've never done roses in non-traditional colours before. 

Let me know what you think in the comments.

See you next time.


  1. Very cute, your roses look lovely!

  2. OMG so pretty!
    If You don't mind I will do something like that too :p Love it :))

    1. Thank you! Of course, feel free.. I'd love to see them if you try :).


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