23 August 2014

Monthly Charity Nail Art Challenge - Human Rights

Hello everyone. Woohoo it's Saturday! I hope you all have nice things planned. I am having a blog day (again haha), but I still have two more days off after this anyway :).

Recently I came across this Monthly Charity Nail Art Challenge run by Sassy Little Nails in a Facebook group, which I thought was a really great idea to raise awareness for different charities. It's only one post a month so it should be pretty easy for me to keep up with too. This month the theme is human rights, which is a pretty current topic right now with all the conflict going on all over the world. The charity I went for was Unicef which is a children's charity, as I think children are often the most innocent victims of all this conflict - I can't even imagine what it's like growing up in a war zone so the work Unicef does is definitely very important.

Click below for more.

I wasn't really sure what to do for this nail art, I considered trying to paint their logo but it looked way too complicated lol. So instead I just used their blue and white colour scheme on their website as a starting point.. and went from there. I started by painting all my nails with OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook.

Next I freehanded the heart and banner type things using Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Barry M - Damson, OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook and Essie - Aruba Blue. My banners look kind of interesting, I couldn't figure out what was wrong at the time but now I'm looking back at the photos I can see where I went wrong.

I thought it needed something else so I added WRK Nails - Bang to the middle of my heart and my thumb and littler finger.. unfortunately the blue glitters have bled into the base of this polish now though so it kind of ruined the design a bit :(.

I think these nails definitely could have been improved, but I don't think they are too terrible (I hope haha). It's a shame my glitters have bled as that really ruins it in my opinion :(. But this is for a really great cause so I wanted to get something posted before the end of the month. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Vicky what a fantastic charity nail art! I love the banner great freehand skills! I think sometimes when the glitters bleed into the polish makes it look more unique and jelly sandwich type :) I think you are also so right in saying children are the most effected by today's terrible conflicts in the world and what a great way to raise awareness with this lovely blue manicure well done and thank you for taking part xxx

    1. Yes it can do sometimes, just not the look I was going for at the time lol. Thanks my lovely, glad you like them :).


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