4 August 2014

Pick A Polish: Pretty & Polished - Cuttlefish.

Hello lovelies. I hope Monday hasn't been too bad for you all. I went with my friend to pick up her new kittens after work, they are soooo cute and I want one now!

For Pick A Polish this week I have been using Pretty & Polished - Cuttlefish. I've never used this polish before, I got it not long ago from a Facebook sale page so I was excited to give it a try. It's also a thermal which always goes down well with me :).

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Cuttlefish is a bright teal thermal base packed with blue and green hexes. The top photo is in it's warm state and the second photo is when it's cold. This doesn't have the strongest thermal transition, although I did get this polish second hand and I don't know how old it is - so the thermal effect could be wearing off. Regardless of this, the colour is still gorgeous so it doesn't bother me really. 

The formula on the other hand did leave a little bit to be desired. Due to it being so glitter packed it was quite lumpy and thick which made application a bit tricky, although if you are careful and patient then it's fine. It was also very topcoat hungry - I used 3 coats of polish with two coats of topcoat for this swatch. 

For my nail art I ended up doing the world's most subtle stamping.. I was going to redo these but the glitter removal was such a pain that I couldn't face going through that twice. Sorry guys! 

I used a rose image off of MoYou London - Bridal Plate 05 and Konad - Gold.

So whilst my nail art may have been a bit rubbish, I did really like this polish. I don't think it really needs nail art anyway, it's pretty enough on it's own (that's my excuse anyway).

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a great evening.

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