14 August 2014

Coral and Grey Floral Stamping.

Hi everyone. How are you all? I am glad it's nearly Friday, I have been so unmotivated with work this week!

I have more stamping for you today. I got all excited after my successful stamping on Monday and decided to have another go to check it wasn't a fluke :P. I'm glad to report that it wasn't lol.

Read on after the jump for full details.

My base colour is Barry M - Carousel.

I used another floral image from MoYou London Pro Plate 06.

I stamped with A England - Fated Prince.

So it's official - I can stamp! I'm very glad I'm managing to get decent stamping manicures consistently now (it's taken quite a lot of failed attempts behind the scenes to master it). I'm quite liking the colours in this manicure too, these are two colours I wouldn't usually put together but I think it works quite well in a weird way. 

Do you like stamping? Are there any stamping plates I should try? (I need MORE! haha).

See you next time.


  1. This is lovely! And Yay for mastering stamping! As far as stamping plates go, MoYou London obviously, PUEEN (I have the buffet set, love it), Vivid Lacquer does some awesome plates as well! Haven't personally used other brands (Gals, but the images are rather small).

    1. Thank you my lovely. Ooh I shall have a look into all of those, I want to try lots of different ones now :).


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