19 August 2014

Freckles Polish Swatches.

Hello beautiful people! 

Recently I purchased some polishes from Freckles Polish which I have to show you today. But it turns out I was Julieann's (the owner and creator of Freckles Polish) 100th customer so I got a bunch of cool prizes too, including another polish which I'll be showing you today as well. These are beautiful so you definitely don't want to miss them. 

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First I shall show you my polish I got as a prize which is called Glitter Like A Gemini.

Glitter Like A Gemini is a beautiful mix of white, purple and turquoise glitter with squares, hexes and a few circles. This swatch shows 2 coats over Barry M - Berry Ice Cream. It applied like a dream, no placement of glitters was necessary. It was a little sparse on the first coat but I got perfect coverage in two. I really love this one, such an awesome prize!

Next up we have the polishes I purchased, first of all Blue Hawaii.

Blue Hawaii is a soft blue holo. The holo is quite subtle in this but I think that works well with the softer colour. I was hoping to capture these holos in the sun, but the sun decided to hide the day I swatched these :(. This swatch shows 3 coats without topcoat, I probably could have got away with two if I applied it more carefully. This has a really nice, smooth formula that was very easy to work with. I've tried to show the holo a bit better below.

The next one is Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon is a deep blue holo with a bit of a turquoise tone to it. This one was slightly more opaque and was a definite two coater (again without topcoat). This had the same awesome formula too. I love this colour, it reminds me of tropical seas. 

Finally we have Purple Rain.

Purple Rain is a dark purple holo, this one had the strongest holographic effect of the bunch. This had the same formula as Blue Lagoon, two coats with near on perfect application! I love this one too. 

I think these are all amazing! If you are in the UK I would definitely recommend you try out Freckles Polish if you haven't already, everything I have tried from this brand is seriously high quality and totally gorgeous. My favourite has to be Blue Lagoon, but I really do love them all. A big thanks to Julieann (if she reads this) for my goodies! 

Have you tried anything from Freckles Polish? Let me know what you think in the comments.

See you next time.


  1. this purple rain is awesome! xo

  2. Blue Lagoon and Purple Rain looks awesome!

    1. Those were my favourites too, thanks lovely.

  3. My gosh these are all gorgeous, but I just fell in love with Glitter Like A Gemini!

    1. Thanks my love, it is a beautiful glitter isn't it?!


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