17 January 2015

A2Z - J is for Jewel

Hello loves. Sorry I have been a bit absent this week - I've had a lot going on at home lately and my nails/blog have been the last thing on my mind quite honestly. 

I did however manage to get this week's A2Z manicure done - even if it is a couple of days late. This week we're on J which is for jewel. I was torn between doing a manicure using jewel toned colours, or just covering my nails in rhinestones (since they're close enough to jewels right?!). In the end I settled on the rhinestone option, as I felt like something a bit over the top!

Click below for more.

For my base I used OPI - Don't Bossa Nova Me Around but I taped off the bottom portion of my nail to leave that bare. I then just went and stuck a load of rhinestones on my nails (I bought these ones from Born Pretty Store). I only used topcoat to secure my rhinestones and they lasted me three days - which I was pretty impressed with. 

These nails may be a bit over the top for some people - but I loved them! I guess this could be toned down by just doing the rhinestones as an accent nail, but I figured if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it properly!

Don't forget to check out the challenge hubpage to see everyone else's amazing designs. 

See you next time. 


  1. This is a pretty and blingy look!

  2. Absolutely love these, they look girly and gorgeous. Classy as well <3

  3. Simply stunning! I love them.

  4. That looks really great, and I'm surprised that they lasted for three days. (But that's because I would have picked them off myself :D )

    1. Thank you lovely. It was tempting to pick them off, but I managed to restrain myself lol!


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