7 July 2014

Life In Lacquers Nail Art Challenge - Pink.

Hi loves. Another scheduled post from me today, I will now be about half way through my holiday.. hopefully a bit less pale!

The second prompt for Life In Lacquers Nail Art Challenge is pink! I don't consider myself an overly girly person, but I do own a lot of pink nail polish for some reason. It is the colour I own the most of so I had plenty of polish to choose from for this theme. 

Read on after the jump for more.

I saw these nails by Spektor's Nails and from her blog came across this tutorial by Simply Nailogical and decided that this needed to be my pink manicure. The technique is called a scaled gradient and involves doing one gradient, taping it off and then doing another one further down the nail. I don't think I'm making much sense so check out the link to the tutorial above to see how it's done.

I started by painting all my nails with Sinful Colors - Snow Me White and did my first gradient nearest my cuticle using China Glaze - You Drive Me Coconuts.

I topcoated that and let it dry completely. Then I taped off the V shape using some Nail Stickrs and masking tape and did another gradient further down my nail.

Once I removed the tape I wasn't totally happy with how it looked so I went back in and sponged a few bits of pink in where I felt I needed them. 

These didn't come out totally how I had imagined in my head, but I still quite liked them. They are definitely pink too so I've done my bit for the theme there. Gradients are still a technique I struggle with a bit so I think I will have to try this again as it's all good practice. 

I hope you like them! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for looking.

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