8 May 2014

Glitter Gradient Tutorial.

Hello lovely lacquer-heads! I hope you are all well. I'm still having foot troubles so I've been off work today to try and rest it, it still doesn't seem to be getting much better though :(.

I have my first ever tutorial to show you today.. I have been meaning to do a tutorial for ages and I have finally gotten around to it. I recently did a quick glitter gradient for a night out, and I posted a quick snap of it on a Facebook group the next day and initially I didn't plan to blog about it. However people seemed to really like it and a couple of people asked me how I did it so I decided why not get my bum in gear and do a tutorial for it :).

To see my tutorial read on after the jump.

So this is the photo I posted on Facebook... I loved these polishes in the sun :). 

If you are a regular reader you may also have noticed that my nails are much shorter now.. I broke my middle nail quite far down so I've got a tea bag repair on that one, but I decided to cut them all down a bit anyway as they were getting pretty long. I was sad at first but I am embracing my shorter nails now :).

You don't need many tools for a glitter gradient. All you need is a base colour, a glittery polish and a make up sponge. The colours I used were Barry M - Pacific and Barry M - Majesty (Majesty is a textured polish but I find these good for a dense looking glitter gradient).

Start off by painting your base colour and make sure it is completely dry before the next step.. or your sponge will mess up your base colour.

Put a blob of polish onto a piece of paper/plastic (or whatever you want to use) and dip the corner of your sponge into the polish. I find using the corner easier as you have more control when it comes to applying the glitter to the nail.

Dab off the excess polish onto your paper/plastic to make sure you are happy with the amount on your sponge. It's easy to add more glitter to your nail if you need to but it's a pain to take off if you use too much (although you could argue that you can never have too much glitter!)

I apply my glitter polish in two steps. First of all I apply a layer close to the cuticle (or to the tip if you are doing the gradient the other way round). To do this I use a dabbing motion, you may need to load up the sponge with glitter more than once. Doing this layer first will mean the glitter is more concentrated at the cuticle giving the gradient effect.

For my second layer of glitter I dab the glitter further down the nail, using a lighter motion this time as you want the glitter to fade out down the nail. 

Add a layer of topcoat and you're finished!

Glitter gradient's are always my go to when I want something quick but something that always looks great. You can experiment with lots of different types of glitters to get different effects. 

I hope you all liked my tutorial, let me know what you think and if you would like to see more posts like this. I definitely enjoyed making it but I am sure there are things I could improve on. I hope it made some sense at least ;).

Thanks for looking and happy glittering!


  1. Very pretty! And I quite like the length of your nails now :)

    1. Thank you :). Yes I think I do too, they look a bit neater.


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