29 May 2014

Born Pretty Store - Floral Nail Wraps Review

Provided for review*
Hello lovelies. It's nearly Friday, woo!

Today I have some floral nail wraps from Born Pretty Store to show you. This is my first experience with nail wraps, I normally find creating my own designs quite rewarding so have never really been drawn to them before. But when given the opportunity to review them I figured I should try something new and give them a go. 

To see what I thought, read on after the jump.

The wraps come in a strip like this and includes a little file type thing which you use to file off the excess wrap. One thing I will mention is that there were no instructions included with these.. so it did take a bit of trial and error to figure out how to use them. I thought they would be like stickers but they are more like water decals.

Along with my wraps I painted my index and middles fingers with OPI - Sparrow Me The Drama and applied two hexagonal studs which I reviewed here.

To apply my wraps I cut the wrap from strip and matched up the size with my nail, I did have to trim them to make them fit. Once I was happy with the size I dropped the wrap into a cup of water and let it soak so it would release from the backing. I slid the wrap off the backing and placed it onto my nail, the wrap doesn't stick until you apply top coat so it was easy to correct if I applied it wonky. After placing the wrap I applied a layer of topcoat to secure it in place and once the topcoat dried a bit I used the mini file to file off the excess wrap hanging over the end of my nail. 

I really enjoyed wearing these, I think I might have to buy some more!

These wraps are a great, easy way to get intricate nail art fast. There is no way most people would be able to freehand the pattern on these (I certainly couldn't) and there are so many patterns to choose from. Application was really easy once I had figured out how to do it. It was easy to smooth the wrap out on the nail, so I didn't get any wrinkles and placing the wrap was easy as it didn't stick until I added topcoat. They also remove just using polish remover so there is no need to worry about having to scrape them off and damaging your nails in the process. So they get a thumbs up from me.

These wraps are available here for just $1.99, but there are so many other designs to chose from if these aren't your cup of tea. You can follow Born Pretty Store on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up with their latest offers. Don't forget to use my code STAX31 for 10% off your order!

I hope you all like them!

Thanks for looking.

*This post contains press samples provided in exchange for my honest review.


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