23 September 2014

Zoya Watermarble

Hello loves. I hope you are all having great afternoons. Nothing particularly interesting has happened to me today, just another day at the office.

I recently picked up a few new polishes from Zoya's 2014 fall collections. I couldn't wait to have a play so I have attempted a watermarble with two of them which I will be showing you today.

Click below for more.

I painted one coat of Zoya - Geneviev on my little finger and one coat of Zoya - Margo on my index and middle fingers. I did a watermarble on my thumb and ring finger using the same two polishes. These colours didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped, they don't contrast as much as I thought they would so the watermarble doesn't stand out that much. They were fairly easy polishes to watermarble with though which I was pleased with. My topcoat really shrunk on my thumb which is really frustrating, so sorry about that! HK Girl doesn't normally do this to me.

I'm still no watermarbling expert, but I think I am getting there with this technique. I was pleased with these polishes, I don't own many Zoyas but the ones I do I love!

Let me know what you think in the comments.

See you next time.

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