30 September 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Floral Full Nail Decals

Hello everyone. How are we all? I've had a fairly average day today, nothing very interesting to report.

I have another Born Pretty Store review to show you today - this time for some lovely floral full nail decals. These are really gorgeous and I wish I had received them before I went on holiday as I think they would have been perfect for it. I just wore them to work instead but I still really enjoyed wearing them.

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To apply these wraps I first painted my nails white - I'm not sure this was 100% necessary but I wanted to make sure there was no nail showing through the wrap. I cut out the decal from the sheet and soaked it in water for a minute or so. The decal slides off of the back and you can position it on your nail, it doesn't stick straight away so you can re-position if needed. The decal is dissolved by acetone or nail polish remover so I used my clean up brush to go around my cuticles and the sides of my nail to get rid of the excess decal. I used a nail file to file off the extra decal past my free edge. 

I loved these decals! I think the design is absolutely gorgeous, it's just so pretty! They were pretty easy to apply, they did wrinkle a little bit but I found once I topcoated them I couldn't notice it. These get a thumbs up from me.

These decals are available here currently for $1.99 with free international shipping. You can also use my discount code (STAX31) for 10% off your order.

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