13 September 2014

My Holiday Nails: piCture pOlish - Fool's Gold

Hello my loves. How is your Saturday going? I haven't done much today, but that is kinda nice sometimes.

Today I have a very lovely polish to show you, which happens to be the polish I wore whilst on holiday. I had great intentions of doing some awesome nail art for my holiday, but I completely ran out of time and opted for the gorgeous piCture pOlish - Fool's Gold instead, which is one of their collaboration shades with The Nailasaurus. I knew I needed this one as soon as I saw it, this polish is totally up my street and even though I had it on my fingers for a week I didn't get bored of it!

Click below for more.

Fool's Gold is a gorgeous turquoise crelly base with lots of tiny little gold glitters - it is a touch more green toned than my photos show. In all my holiday excitement, I forgot to write down how many coats I used.. I think I used three thin coats, but I could be lying to you there. However I do remember that the formula was lovely and it applied very nicely. The colour is just perfection and I love that they haven't gone overboard on the glitter, so it's very wearable. 

So I might be a little bit smitten with this one, but c'mon can you really blame me? I guess this is a combination of The Nailasaurus and piCture pOlish though so it's hardly a surprise that it's so good!

Have you tried this polish or any other of the new collaboration shades? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have a great weekend. 


  1. This is a gorgeous polish! I don't own any piCture pOlish at all. Need a money tree *nods*

    1. Haha I think I could do with one of them too!

  2. This looks amazing on you! Thank you for the lovely blog post!


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