6 June 2014

Watermelon Gradient Nails and Tutorial.

Hello lovelies. It's FRIDAY!! I hope you all have lovely weekends ahead of you. I am working tomorrow morning to get some extra dough for my holiday, so I'm not as excited for the weekend today as I normally would be.

Today I have another manicure to show you which was inspired by some clothes I found online.. this time a watermelon themed dress! (I told you I'd be posting lots of things like this :P). This time I have also done a tutorial to go with it. 

Read on after the jump for more.

This is the dress I was inspired by, isn't it fun?! Not sure I could quite pull it off myself though, so I settled for having it on my nails instead.

To recreate this manicure you will need a black polish (I used W7 - Black), a white polish (I used Sinful Colors - Snow Me White), a pink polish (I used Sally Hansen - Frutti Petutti) and a green polish (I used Essie - First Timer). You will also need a sponge for your gradient and a detail brush. 

Start by painting all your nails white, this will help your colours pop when you do your gradient over them. Let this dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Next you need to create your gradient. I do this by painting strips of each colour (the green, white and pink in this case) onto a make up sponge like the picture above...

Then you want to sponge the colours over your nail. You may need to do a few coats to get a nice finish. 

Finally you need to add your seeds. I did this using my black polish and a detail brush, I added a blob of polish and dragged it out to a point to get the seed shape. If you aren't confident doing this you could always just do dots with a dotting tool.

So these nails are fairly simple, the hardest bit is probably getting the shape of the seeds right, but they don't have to be perfect.

This is definitely a nice design for summer.

I really liked these nails, I thought they were really fun and they make me want some watermelon. I hope you like them too.

Don't forget to show me if you do recreate these!

Thanks for looking.


  1. What a fun and bright manicure for summer!

  2. This looks awesome!! Nice little tutorial for great nail art!

  3. Love this - really captures the inspiration of the dress and I knew straight away what it represented.


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