12 June 2014

Nail Stickrs Review and Tutorial.

Provided for review*
Hello loves. It's nearly Friday! 

Today I have a review for an exciting new brand called Nail Stickrs to show you. Nail Stickrs offer a range of nail stencils, in a number of different designs and I was really excited when I saw the lovely owner Monique was looking for people to try them. I have been sent a few different types to try, but today I am going to show you the V shaped stencils and I have also done a tutorial :).

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The stickers come on a sheet in ten blocks, so you can either remove each sticker individually or remove the whole block at once so you can get the stickers spaced evenly on your nail. They had a nice stickiness, they adhered to the nail well but they didn't try to glue themselves to my base colour which is always a plus ;). They also come in lots of lovely bright colours, which doesn't affect their performance, but I find myself attracted to bright things lol. There is a great range of different designs on the website also, which is a nice change from your standard chevrons and french tip guides you can often get (although I do love a good chevron). So these get a thumbs up from me :).

Now for the tutorial..

For these nails you will need - 

V shaped Nail Stickrs.
White polish (I used Sinful Colors - Snow Me White).
Three polish colours of your choice ( I used China Glaze - You Drive Me Coconuts, an unnamed Color Club - Blue and Color Club - Puccilicious).
Shimmery top coat (I used Sally Hansen - Diamonds).
A make up sponge.
Fast drying topcoat.

Start by painting all your nails white. You need to let this dry completely before moving onto the next step, or the stickers will pull off your base coat and you'll have to start again. I used a fast dry topcoat to speed up the process, but I still left it for about an hour before the next step.

Once it has dried you need to apply the nail stickers to your nails. I placed each one individually, but some people find it easier to remove the whole block of stickers, stick them all to your nail and then remove every other sticker. Leave the tip of the nail free. Make sure the stickers are completely sealed around the edges so none of your polish can seep underneath. 

Next take your first colour and your sponge, and dab a small amount of the polish over your nail. You want to make sure you leave enough space for the next two colours.

Repeat that process with your other two colours until the nail is completely covered.

Then quickly remove the stickers, to reveal your V shapes. Try to do this before the polish has dried as this will give you crisper lines. 

Finally I topped my manicure off with a shimmery top coat, this step is optional but I couldn't resist ;).

I love how easy these stickers are to use.

I was really pleased with the nail stickers and with this design. I hope you like the tutorial too! I have been using these stickers lots so I have a few more manicures using these in the pipeline for you.

Nail Stickrs are available here from $4.99 (usd) and international shipping is available (at a really great price too). You can also keep up with Nail Stickrs on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Thanks for looking everyone.

*This post contains press samples provided in exchange for my honest review.


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