14 December 2013

Belle Glamour Swatches and Review

Hi everyone. I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far. I have just got home from work for a well needed rest.

Today I have some swatches of a new indie brand to show you. I was contacted recently by Catriona of Belle Glamour to see if I would like to purchase some polishes to review. Now I don't need an excuse to buy more polish, so of course I said yes (although these are the only 3 polishes I have bought since I last got paid, I have been very well behaved this month). I picked out 3 to show you today.

They come in nice square bottles, the ones I got were 10ml. The brushes are good quality and easy to use. One thing that I would like is for the names of the polish to be on the bottles, if I wasn't so pedantic to have a spreadsheet listing all my polishes I would completely forget the names.

Onto the swatches..

Up first we have Belle Glamour - Purely Pumpkin.

Purely Pumpkin is a lovely shade of orange, its not too in your face which I find oranges can often be. This one was the most difficult to work with, you have to let it dry for quite a while between coats or the polish will drag. It was also quite thick, but still manageable. This needs to be applied with care as it does show up brush strokes a bit. Opacity was good, this photo shows 2 coats. Despite all this, I think the extra effort in application is worth the final outcome as this is a very pretty colour and quite a unique orange in my collection.

Up next we have Belle Glamour - Passionately Purple.

Passionately Purple is a beautiful, deep purple shade with a jelly formula. I really didn't this expect this to be a jelly looking at the bottle, it took me by surprise! It was very sheer on the first coat, but it was build-able and this photo shows 3 coats. The formula on this was nice and smooth, very easy to apply. 

Finally we have Belle Glamour - The Grass Is Always Greener.

The Grass Is Always Greener is a gorgeous spring green with a subtle shimmer. This one was by far my favourite, I love it so much! The formula was similar to Purely Pumpkin, but much better (if that makes sense). You still have to make sure each coat is dry before applying the next or it drags a bit, but much less than Purely Pumpkin. This photo shows 2 coats, although it was almost opaque in 1. 

So overall I would definitely recommend you give this brand a go. I think they are good quality and on the whole the formulas were good, Purely Pumpkin wasn't perfect but you just need to be careful with application. I was also very impressed with the customer service I received, my queries were answered within minutes which is pretty amazing.

Belle Glamour will be launching on 24th January and will be available from her website here.

Will you be trying anything from Belle Glamour? Let me know your thoughts below.

Thanks for looking.


  1. These look very nice - I like the purple one especially.

    If you try applying the last coat with a makeup sponge rather than the brush that will help sort out the streaks on the more metallic shades :)

    1. Ooh that's a good idea! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. I went back and forth when I was making my decisions on which BGs to swatch, especially when it came to Passionately Purple vs the color I ultimate chose, Amulet. If I'd realized PP was a jelly, I definitely think I would've gone that route instead. I love how the pumpkin color looks on you - my skin is just too pink-toned to wear rich warms like that, but it looks gorgeous on you!

    1. Yeah the formula really took me by surprise, I thought it was going to be like the other two. It was a good surprise though.
      Thank you. I don't have many oranges, I tend to shy away from them. But maybe this is a good excuse to buy more! Lol

  3. Thanks for doing this for me Vicky. These swatches look amazing! You can also all subscribe to my newsletter which will be regularly updated in order to get more info and news on Belle Glamour.

    1. No problem. I shall be subscribing right now :)


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