29 March 2014

Copycat Saturday: Monochrome Leopard Print Gradient.

Hello lovely ladies. How are you all today? It's a lovely sunny day where I am today which has put me in a good mood :).

Saturday on the blog means Copycat Saturday. This week I went with a design by one of my favourite nail artists on instagram Lieve91. If you don't already follow her you neeeed to go and check her nails out now, they are seriously amazing! The design I went with was this monochrome leopard print gradient manicure. 

For more details on this manicure read on below.
For this one I didn't copy the design exactly.. although that wasn't completely intentional haha! In the original design the gradient wasn't so dark, but I just used black for the gradient so had to do white leopard print on the tips. But I still liked the effect :).

First off I did my gradient using Barry M - Matt White and W7 - Black.

The I used a dotting tool and the same two colours to create my leopard print pattern.

Gradients aren't my strong point so I think for a black and white gradient I didn't do too badly on this one.

I really loved this design overall, I am on a bit of a black and white kick lately. I even remembered to tape up my skin so clean up was nice and easy :).

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking.

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