6 April 2013

Gold & Blue Hex Nails.

Its the weekend!! Plus I am not working this weekend which makes me very happy :).

Today I have my new Hex Nail Jewellery to show you. To any of you who find swearing offensive you may not want to read on in this post, as my nail jewellery is a bit rude and I would hate to offend anyone. But if you are cool with that kind of thing please read on.

I have seen a lot of other posts about Hex and when I saw them I just knew I had to try them. I wasn't disappointed with them either, they are the perfect way to jazz up your nails and they are so easy to apply and use. I didn't find they caught on things much and fitted to the nail quite nicely as they are slightly curved. I just stuck mine on with top coat and they lasted me 3 days, but I think if you used nail glue then they would last much longer. Onto the photos....

I started this mani with 2 coats of OPI - I Saw.. U Saw.. We Saw.. Warsaw. I do love this shade, perhaps not the most spring like colour, but I wanted something dark that would contrast with the gold. 

I topped my thumb and ring finger with OPI - Man With The Golden Gun. If I could wear that stuff permanently I would, but it is sooo expensive. Isn't it pretty though?!

For my index finger and pinkie I outlined each nail with Models Own - Disco  Heaven which is one of the Hedkandi polishes. Its mainly gold glitter but has a few blue glitter particles which I think is a perfect match for this design. I freehanded the outlines using my striper brush, I was pretty pleased with how neat I did these - I thought it was going to be much harder.

On my middle finger I added my hex nail jewellery. On my left hand I had 'fuck you' and on my right I had a dollar sign. I started with a coat of Seche Vite and stuck the nail jewellery on whilst it was still wet and then added another coat over the top to make it a bit more secure. The 'fuck you' did make me laugh, I had a lot of fun sticking my middle finger up at people lol. But I don't think it is that easy to read, my boyfriend thought it said 'duck yard' (but that may just be because he's a bit stupid sometimes haha) so for that reason I think I do prefer the dollar version. 

Excuse the dodgy photo I took of my right hand on my phone, but it is pretty much impossible for me to take photos with my left hand on my camera. But I wanted to show you the dollar sign as well.

Overall I was very happy with this mani and I would definitely buy hex nail jewellery again. I got mine from their etsy store which is here. They have loads of different designs to choose from and they are reusable if you are careful with them. 

Have any of you tried these yet?

Thanks for looking!

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