22 April 2013

A Little Update.

Hello everyone,

No nails today I'm afraid, just an update to inform you that I may be a little absent from blogging for a few weeks. But I will be back as soon as I can.

My schedule has gone a bit crazy lately - I am working A LOT. I work a lot of late shifts too which  means I don't have much time in the morning to do anything, but when I get home all I wanna do is sleep!

The main thing that is taking my time however is that I am moving out in the next couple of weeks, so most of my spare time is going into getting organised for that. I currently live with my parents but me and my boyfriend are getting a flat together, which is all very exciting - but a lot of hard work. I can't wait til the move is all sorted and I can put my time into my nails again (my nails are suffering badly, they haven't been this neglected for ages!)

I just thought I would post this so people know I haven't disappeared and that I am still going to be blogging as much as I can. But posts will very few and far between for a while. I hope you all understand!

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