5 October 2013

Pink Textured Nail Art

Hi everyone. Its the weekend! I have finished my six day week and I am looking forward to having a day off tomorrow :).

Today I have a very girly design to show you. I picked up a textured polish by Seventeen whilst in Boots a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to see how it compared to other brands like OPI as this one is so much cheaper. But I couldn't simply just swatch it, I wanted to do some nail art. So this is what I came up with...

I used a base of OPI - I Theodora You on all my nails apart from my pinky which is Seventeen Rock Hard Couture Nail Effects in Bijoux Baby. Despite that all being a bit of a mouthful, I did really like this polish. The formula was easy to work with and I only needed two coats. I loved the colour, baby pink with gold shimmer running through it.

I top-coated the nails with I Theodora you on and then added Bijoux Baby over the top of that. 

For my thumb and ring finger I did an abstract rose design which was inspired by this post by Work Play Polish. Mine are no where near as good as hers but I still liked them.

On my index finger I added a couple of dots with a dotting tool.

I stuck on the studs on my middle finger using my topcoat. 

I really enjoyed wearing these and I would totally recommend the Seventeen textured polish. I am interested to see if the rest of their polishes are as good.

Have any of you tried anything else from this range? Would you recommend them?

Thanks for looking.

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