14 September 2013

Flame Nail Art.

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good week, I am certainly glad its the weekend again.

My laptop is now working again, yay! So no more stealing my boyfriend's laptop when he isn't looking :).

Today I have a design to show you which was inspired by this post here by Nail Lacquer (I say inspired by, in reality its more like completely copying lol). I haven't been following her blog for too long but she has some amazing designs, so if you don't follow her already go and check out her blog. You won't regret it! 

For this design I started with a base of Leighton Denny - Prim and Proper. I believe in the original design she just used a coat of nail envy, which definitely looks better, but my nails are too gross and stained so I wasn't brave enough to do this. 

I sponged on A England - And The Moonbeams to the tips of my nails, but I failed a bit at capturing this in my pictures.

For the flames I used Sally Hansen - Fiery Island (orange), Nicole by OPI - Hit The Lights (yellow) and China Glaze - Hey Sailor (red). I freehanded these with my nail art brush.

I added the black details with W7 - Black also using my nail art brush. For the little dots I used my Barry M nail art pen.

I top-coated and I was done.

You can sort of see the shimmer of And The Moonbeams in this picture.

Overall I was happy with how these came out. They were initially intended to look like flowers, but I don't think I captured that. So I decided they could just be flames instead haha!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Woooow yours look better than mine!!! Really good job and thanks for linking me :)

  2. omg, these look so awesome, i love the flames! :D


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