24 April 2014

Laquerdaisical - My Giveaway Winnings Plus A Little Extra

Hello lovelies. I hope everyone is well, I've had a bit of a stressful afternoon so I am currently feeling sorry for myself! I am going to go and do my nails again after this to make myself feel better :).

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway hosted by UK indie brand Laquerdaisical and I got to design my own custom polish which I was very excited to find out! Being an indecisive person anyway, deciding what polish to have was very hard but Alexia, the maker of Laquerdaisical, was incredibly helpful and patient with me lol. So points to her for a great service :). I also snapped up a limited edition polish whilst browsing her site, since I figured my custom polish could use a friend (any excuse right?!)

Read on after the jump for my swatches.

First I will show you the limited edition which is called Parma's A Bitch.

Parma's A Bitch is a very pale lilac crelly base filled with an array of glitter including large purple holo circles, pink, purple and blue squares and purple micro glitter. This was pretty sheer but built up well in three coats. Due to the amount of glitter it was a little thick, but still fairly smooth in application. There was a good distribution of the smaller glitters but I did have to fish a bit for the larger circles (this isn't something that bothers me however). These swatches are with topcoat. I really love this combination of glitter and haven't seen much else out there like this. This is limited edition but it is still available on the Laquerdaisical website as I write this, so if you want it I would go and snap it up now!

Now it's time for my custom :).

My custom doesn't have a name.. I guess I could name it but I suck at naming things lol. But anyway this is a teal jelly with teal and white circle glitter and holo micro glitter. I am an absolute sucker for colours like this! I have layered it over an unnamed teal Color Club as it is quite sheer and my nails are super stained and gross at the moment. Unfortunately my camera really didn't like this colour :(, I have colour corrected the photo as much as I can but it is actually a bit more of a deeper colour and leans more towards green. I love this so much and I'm very pleased with how well Alexia created exactly what I wanted.

I think you can all probably tell I was very pleased with both of these. If you're in the UK definitely go and check out Laquerdaisical as she has some beautiful polishes in her shop. I am one very happy bunny :).

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Awww I love both of these, and they both look stunning on your nails! <3

    1. Thank you my lovely, glad you like them :)


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