3 April 2014

Another MASSIVE Indie Haul.

Hello my loves. How are you all? I'm in a good mood as I have just booked a girly holiday to Morocco yay!

Last time I did a haul post I said I probably wouldn't do another one for a while as I wanted to cut back on my spending... well that was a big fat lie! I'm afraid I caved in about 3 days and have added to my collection quite significantly since then, oops! The worst thing is this is just the indies.. I have bought way more than this lol. So I am going to share them with you today :).

To see my swatches read on after the jump.
I have a lot of polishes to show you so this may be a bit picture heavy.

First up is Freckles Polish - Wild Flower Meadow.

Wild Flower Meadow is a glitter topper with purple, white, blue and pink glitters and larger gold hexes. I have used one and a bit coats over Sally Hansen - Green Tea. The formula was very good, the base was nice and smooth. The glitters did clump a bit (you can see I only got the gold hexes on my middle finger) so I did move around the glitters on the nail a bit. I really love this glitter, it has a very romantic feel and it is perfect for spring.

My other Freckles Polish is Just As You Are.

Just As You Are is a grey crelly base with small pink and grey hexes and larger heart shaped glitters. I used three coats of this polish with topcoat. This was very easy to apply and I didn't have to fish for glitter at all, you can get hearts on the nail easily. My only slight niggle is that the hearts didn't sit totally flat on my curved nails, but a thick topcoat sorted that out for me. I am really impressed with this brand, everyone definitely needs to go and try it!

My next purchase was Different Dimension - Ohana Means Family.

Ohana Means Family is another glitter topper with blue, light purple and darker purple hexes. I used one coat over Leighton Denny - Blue Lagoon. This was soo glitter dense, I was really impressed with that. The formula was a tiny bit thick but nothing too major. I really love the combination of colours in this one.

Next is Crowstoes - Half Past Yesterday.

Half Past Yesterday is a deep purple base with bronze shimmer, bronze glitters and tiny holo glitters (but you can't see these very well in the photo). I used three coats, but I probably could have got away with two. Application was perfect in my opinion, this one self levelled really well and I didn't have to manipulate the glitters at all. I think this one will be great for nights out.

Now for Sarah Smiles - Lover Of The Light.

Lover Of The Light is a glitter topper with gorgeous turquoise hexes, smaller blue hexes and fuschia micro glitter. I have layered one coat over OPI - You're Such A Budapest. The formula was good on this one too, it was very glitter dense and the base was smooth. The glitters did clump slightly so I moved them around a bit once on the nail, but this is not something that bothers me. I looove the colour of this one :).

The next one is Wingdust - Ocean Tears.

Ocean Tears is a blue/teal jelly with similar coloured glitters (they may be white or silver and just hide in the base). I used two coats with topcoat for this swatch. Like the Different Dimension polish it was a tiny bit thick, but still manageable and easy to use. The glitter distributed evenly and it self levelled well.

This one is Jindie Nails - Live Out Loud.

Live Out Loud is an off white crelly base with pink, blue, green and gold glitters. I used two coats in this swatch. It applied smoothly and only a little bit of glitter placement was required. This one reminds me of icing and sprinkles nom nom nom!

Next is Hare Polish - For Margot Tenenbaum.

For Margot Tenenbaum is a sea foam green jelly with different sized gold glitters. I used three coats, but could have probably got away with two. This one has an amazing formula, it applied like butter and the glitters dispersed evenly. This is my first Hare Polish and I cannot fault it at all, I need more!

These next two polishes are by Laquerdaisical which are made in my home town of Colchester! I was a bit like a kid at Christmas when I found this out, the fact that there is indie polish being made near my home is exciting to me :P. Is that weird?

This one is Laquerdaisical - Sodalite.

Sodalite is a blackened base with dark blue shimmer throughout. It was a little bit sheer to begin with but built up nicely in three coats. The formula was amazing, super smooth and very easy to apply. 

The second polish from Laquerdaisical is Pyrite.

Pyrite is an olive green base with golden shimmer. This one was slightly more opaque than the other, I only used two coats. Again the formula was excellent, I cannot fault it! I am really loving this shade, it is something a little different.

Now for the thermals :). First is Fun Lacquer - Sandcastle.

Sandcastle is a thermal polish which is an eye searing orange when cold and a soft, delicate gold shade when warm with a flakie shimmer running throughout. The formula was good on this also, I used two coats. It does dry with a slight texture and to a matte finish so I applied topcoat as I am a bit of a gloss fiend. But some people may like to leave it with its natural finish. Below is a transition between the two colours.

The last polish I have to show you is Fun Lacquer - Purple Crocus which is another thermal.

Purple Crocus is a dark purple when cold and a soft lilac when warm and has a pinkish gold shimmer. The formula was pretty much the same as Sandcastle. I used two coats with topcoat. I thought this was really gorgeous.

I was really pleased with all my purchases, I barely have a bad thing to say about any of them. I think my favourites are Purple Crocus, Wild Flower Meadow and Pyrite but I really do love them all. I would like to say that I won't be hauling much more... but I've already ordered a load more polishes since swatching these so I'm not going to kid myself this time! My addiction cannot be tamed.

What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Yum, these are all fab! I love reading haul posts, and especially when there's swatches too. I want to go and buy loads more now!! Xx

    1. Thanks lovely :). I have to say I enjoy reading them and also doing them, I really do need to stop though haha!

  2. Thank you so much for the fab review! XxX


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