23 May 2013

China Glaze Sunsational Collection.

Hello everyone, I hope all is well.

Today I have a couple of swatches to show you of 2 of China Glazes new polishes from the Sunsational Collection. I have seen mixed reviews about this collection, but I thought I would try a couple to see for myself. I bought Sun of a Peach and Keepin' It Teal which is a neon orange creme and a teal jelly. I wasn't completely sold on these, but I will go into more detail later.

First up, Keepin' It Teal..

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Like I said before, Keepin' It Teal is a greenish teal jelly. I am fairly inexperienced with jelly polishes, I do not own many - but I did struggle with the formula on this one. Whether this is partly due to the fact I do not normally use jelly's I do not know. 

My photos show 4 coats and there is still a bit of visible nail line which I did not mind so much, but if you like a polish to be completely opaque this one is not for you. You also have to let it dry completely between coats as if you go over the same spot twice you get bald patches. So patience is needed with this one! Despite all this, I did actually like this polish. I looove the colour and found that after the 4 coats and topcoat it all evened out nicely, it just took a bit of work.

Onto Sun of a Peach...

Sun of a Peach is a neon orange creme. I am afraid to say that the formula sucked! My pictures show 4 coats but there were still a few streaks and bald patches visible. I didn't manage to capture these in my photos.. but trust me you could see them in real life.

As with Keepin' It Teal, I had to let each coat dry completely before applying the next or I got big bald patches and it was not self levelling at all. Top coat did help this but the final product was still not totally smooth, but I had spent so long putting this polish on I couldn't be bothered to add more top coat! The colour however is definitely a neon and would look good with a tan.

So overall I would say that these polishes weren't great, the formulas were a lot of hard work and I don't think I would purchase anything else from this collection.

Have you tried anything from this collection? Did you struggle with the formulas as much as I did?

Thanks for looking!

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