26 August 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Black Floral Water Decals.

Provided for review*

Hello everyone. I hope you've had a nice day. I didn't really want to go back to work today, but it wasn't so bad once I got there, plus it's only a four day week :).

I have another review for Born Pretty Store today, this time it's these black floral water decals I will be showing you. I fell in love with the middle design on the photo on the Born Pretty Store website created using these, that was the reason I chose these decals to review. I haven't quite managed to recreate that design exactly, I went for a simplified twist instead. 

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I used a base of Barry M - Lychee and outlined my nails using W7 - Black.

I added on my decals at this point. One thing I liked about these decals is that you can layer them up to make a more elaborate flower, which I did here on the middle flower on my thumb.

After this I added my gold glitter which is Cirque - Helios and painted my swirls using W7 - Black again. 

I really like the look of these decals, I think they have a great vintage feel about them and you could create some great designs. I did however have a few issues applying them, so quite a few were wasted. The decals are very thin and quite easily tear, so a very delicate touch is needed whilst applying them. I found they were quite prone to wrinkling up whilst I was trying to get them off the backing paper also and since they are so thin they tore when I tried to flatten them out again. All the other decals I have tried from Born Pretty Store haven't been like this though, so hopefully this is just a one off. If you like the design though I would still say they're worth a try. 

These decals are available here currently for only $2.86 with free shipping and you can use my discount code (STAX31) for 10% off your whole order.

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Have a lovely day everyone.


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